Week of June 3, 2019
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Touch Dynamic (South Plainfield, NJ) has presented its new All-in-One, dubbed Atlas. With 15" projected-capacitive touchscreen LED LCD (1024x768), Atlas has Intel Celeron Quad-Core J1900 CPU, 4-GB/8-GB RAM, and 128-GB SSD. With support for Windows POSReady 7, 8.1 Embedded Industry Retail Pro, and 10 IoT (and Linux), Atlas furnishes water- and dust-proof front panel (IP-64) and full suite of ports (USB, VGA, Powered COM). A tilt angle covers 0 to 140 degrees, with multiple base options. Offered peripherals include MSR, 2D scanner, PIN Pad, 2x20 customer display (VFD), and wall mount (VESA). "Atlas All-in-One is equipped with high-quality features at an affordable price point," reported Craig Paritz, President of Touch Dynamic.

Atlas AiO by Touch Dynamic


A PAX Sign

PAX Technology (Jacksonville, FL) has showcased its new family of "smart POS," containing Models E600, E700, and E800. Augmenting the E500, first launched in 2017, and running Android 7 O/S (with so-called "PayDroid"), they feature dual-facing screens for customer and server, advanced security (Payment Card Industry PTS 5x SRED), and full functionality. A PAX Commerce Platform (of value-added services) and PAXSTORE (of third-party POS) accompany the E500/600/700/800.

"An ideal solution for mobility," as described by PAX, the PAX E600 features 8" high-definition capacitive touchscreen (800x1280), integrated 2" thermal receipt printer, and 4.3" customer-facing payment display. "A redefining of the modern-day tablet," the PAX 700 features 12.5" high-definition capacitive touchscreen (1920x1080), 3" thermal receipt printer, and 4.3" customer-facing payment display. "A striking checkout experience, versus the cash register," the PAX E800 features 15.6" high-definition capacitive touchscreen (1920x1080), 3" thermal receipt printer, and 4.3" customer-facing payment display, as well as 8" customer-facing advertising display. (As payments: MSR, EMV, NFC.)

As technical characteristics, Model E600 has ARM Quad-Core Cortex A53 CPU, 1-GB DDR, and 8-GB eMMC. Model E700 has ARM Quad-Core Cortex A53 CPU, 2-GB DDR, 16-GB eMMC, and 128-GB Micro SD. Model E800 has ARM Quad-Core Cortex A17 CPU, 2-GB DDR, 16-GB eMMC, and 64-GB Micro SD. All furnish wireless communications (Bluetooth 4, 802.11 WLAN, 4G WAN), Lithium-Ion batteries, and multiple I/Os. "A new standard with fully equipped smart terminals that modernize the checkout," expounded Andy Chau, CEO of PAX Technology.

E700 Smart POS From PAX Technology

Sitting at OpenTable

A new link between online restaurant reservation leader OpenTable and restaurant management platform Upserve illustrates the compounded character of today's IT. Allowing two-way exchange of data between OpenTable's "GuestCenter" O/S and Upserve's POS, it yields powerful benefits such as easy-to-access diner insights, improved shift preparation, automatic check creation, and real-time table status. Offering its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) POS, Upserve now joins Heartland/Dinerware, NCR/Aloha, Oracle/Micros, Shift4/POSitouch, Squirrel Systems, and Toast with integration to OpenTable.

"Our partnership with Upserve is the latest example of how we combine guest, reservation, and spend data to help restaurants take hospitality to the next level," proposed Joseph Essas, CTO at OpenTable (San Francisco, CA). "Real-time data lets restaurants improve every part of service, from the host stand to the kitchen, and create more memorable experiences for their guests." Created in 1998, OpenTable, now part of Booking Holdings (the former Priceline Group), serves 50,000 restaurants, seating over 120 million diners monthly.

"This combined data resource gives management and staff the ability to retrieve guest details at the POS," celebrated Sheryl Hoskins, CEO at Upserve (Providence, RI). "OpenTable is the industry leader in the online and mobile reservation space, and we're proud to bring more resources to our customers that help them elevate hospitality with every reservation." Over 10,000 restaurants employ Upserve (which purchased the former Breadcrumb POS from Groupon in 2016).

Integration of Upserve and OpenTable


Worth Your While

Transact Tech
Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
June 20
Atlanta, GA

Profit Booster Dealer Conference
CRS, Inc.
June 25
Santa Ana, CA

Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)
July 28-31
San Antonio, TX

September 16-17
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Pack Expo
Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)
September 23-25
Las Vegas, NV

National Association of Convenience Stores
October 2-4
Atlanta, GA

Money 20/20
October 27-30
Las Vegas, NV

NRF 2020 Vision
National Retail Federation
January 12-14, 2020
New York, NY

Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)
January 26-20, 2020
Nassau, Bahamas

Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
April 28-30, 2020
Las Vegas, NY



Bixolon: Ticket to Ride

Bixolon America (Gardena, CA) has unwrapped its new direct-thermal kiosk printer with 9.8 in./250 mm per second speed at 203 dpi: Model BK3-31. Supporting adjustable media widths from 0.8 to 3.3 inches (83/80/60/58/20 mm), with near-end sensor, the BK3-31 produces multiple sizes of receipts, vouchers, and tickets. It handles media roll diameters of 3.1/4/4.7 inches (80/102/120 mm), and weighs 1.5 lbs.

With additional roller tension, and customizable upper and lower bezels, the BK3-31 has been designed for smooth media feeding. In order to reboot the printer regardless of orientation in the kiosk, there's power switch and reset button on both of its sides (with side-open paper loading). A paper-saving mode, of up to 25%, employs Bixolon's Unified Utility. As connectivity: USB, Serial, with DC Jack.

"Providing multiple adjustable and user-centered design factors, the new BK3-31 provides the maximized flexibility to be built into many types of self-service systems," explained Paul Kim, GM of Bixolon America. "The BK3-31 offers the kiosk developer a competitive kiosk printing solution with Bixolon's reliable and professional software and technical support." Via drivers and SDKs, it supports all major O/S.

Bixolon's Versatile BK3-31 Thermal Kiosk Printer


Zebra Rings Concierge

Zebra Technologies Corporation (Lincolnshire, IL) has unboxed its "customer concierge" self-service kiosks, Models CC600 and CC6000. With multitouch displays (5" for CC600 and 10" for CC6000; both 1280x720 and 16:10), they combine the familiarity of consumer tablets with enterprise-class capabilities of Android 8 O/S, noted Zebra. Intended for retail or hospitality, they enable customers to pick up an order, find products and/or pricing, look up information, or call for an associate. Each incorporates Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU, 4-GB RAM, 32-GB Storage, and Zebra's scanners for 1D/2D--Model SE2100 for CC600 and Model SE4710 for CC6000.

As features, Model CC600 (weighing 0.7 lbs.) has voice and log-in via barcode or loyalty card. As "premium" features, Model CC6000 (weighing 2.2 lbs.) adds camera for video chat, and NFC to allow customers to pair with their smartphone for offers and coupons. In addition, the Model CC6000 comes in landscape or portrait formats for product demonstrations and digital signage. Also, store associates may sign in with their employee badges for their shift with CC600/CC6000.

As connectivity, Models CC600 and CC6000 carry Bluetooth 5, 802.11 WLAN, and Ethernet on RJ-45. As support, there's Zebra's Mobility DNA suite of end-user applications, application development tools, and utilities "to simplify management, strengthen security, and ease migration from legacy kiosk solutions." As well, Zebra's LifeGuard for Android extends service life of Zebra's Android-based devices for 3 to 5 years beyond consumer O/S support. It's free with Zebra OneCare.

Zebra's Customer Concierge Self-Service Kiosk

[Ed. Note: Also, Zebra announced plans to purchase Profitect, Inc. (Burlington, MA), which provides so-called prescriptive analytics, based on machine learning, for the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. Zebra said it will leverage the investment to accelerate the development of its data platform, entitled Savanna.]


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Lightspeed's Tee Time

A niche play for Lightspeed POS with its acquisition of ISV Chronogolf. Started in 2012, and now serving approximately 400,000 golfers, Chronogolf delivers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for necessary functions of tee sheet, booking, pro shop and restaurant sales, and mobile app and website. All of the team at Chronogolf, including Co-CEOs J.D. St.-Martin and Guillaume Jacquet, will join Lightspeed. (Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Both firms are sited in Montreal, QB, Canada).

"Since Lightspeed's inception, our focus has been to provide technology to small and medium-sized businesses in verticals with complex operations, so they can work smarter, make data-driven decisions, and create the best possible experience for their customers. Running a golf course combines retail, restaurant, and e-commerce--areas that are core to our business," indicated Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed. "Expanding within the golf vertical is just one example of our commitment to these complex SMBs around the world."

"We've had a lot of success since moving to Chronogolf by Lightspeed and have since recommended it to a number of different operators," testified Aaron Gleason, VP of Walters Golf Management (St. Louis, MO). As companions to its software for POS, Lightspeed has moved into Lightspeed Loyalty and Lightspeed Payments. In March, it went public, raising about $200 million, adding to $400 million in venture capital.

Lightspeed POS Buys ISV Chronogolf


Datex "Unpacks" WMS

Datex (Clearwater, FL) has debuted its pack verification feature for its Warehouse Management System (WMS). It displays images of each item in the package (upon barcode scanning). By allowing workers to readily verify package contents, during the "cartonization" process in the "FootPrint" WMS, it reduces errors, processing time, and labor costs, according to the company. Images of each product in warehouse inventory are stored in the system's database, and can be easily updated.

It works especially well for warehouse operations that "pick to tote," noted Datex. When bringing the order to the packing station, the tote may be scanned and the contents displayed in the WMS. In addition to eliminating the need to compare product names and identifiers, the system automatically calculates the weight and dimensions for validation by workers. As final benefit, packing lists, gift tags, and other printed items may be generated from the same screen in the WMS.

"Clients who have seen the new Datex pack verification feature absolutely love it," shared Michael Armanious, VP of Sales and Marketing for Datex. "Some are setting up touchscreen monitors at packing stations in fulfillment centers so that a quick visual confirmation can be conducted to complete the packing process. According to our clients, using the pack verification tool can provide a competitive edge in winning new fulfillment business." In addition to warehousing, distribution, and third-party logistics, the technology is useful for pharmaceutical sample management, according to Datex.

Datex's Pack Verification Technology

Code Corner

Toast (Boston, MA), surging POS ISV, has released its payroll & team management. As the name implies, its capabilities include: streamlined employee onboarding (eliminating paperwork and manual errors); unified payroll and POS (including blended overtime); programmed compliance risk management (for federal tax filings and state-specific regulations); and integrated team development capabilities (such as applicant tracking and performance management). "In an increasingly tight labor market, workforce management is a key challenge that keeps the collective restaurant industry up at night," observed Steve Fredette, President and Co-Founder of Toast. "In fact, almost two-thirds of customers listed this as their top challenge in the 2018 Toast Restaurant Success Report." Also, Toast has expanded its partner ecosystem with AppFront (online ordering), PourMyBeer (self-pour beverage control), Say2eat (social media and messaging), Como (CRM), Envysion (loss prevention), Homebase (scheduling), and UT&I Solutions (accounting middleware).

Toast Debuts Payroll & Team Management

A Message From the Editor

As we enter another year, our mission stays constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID. If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of changes in technology, go-to-market strategies, and business models. We look forward to continuing that mission and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor


A Gulp of Menu Management

Omnivore (Hayward, CA), with support from Coca-Cola, has introduced its new Menu Management System, or MMS. Established in 2014, Omnivore offers its "Universal" Application Programming Interface (API) for POS. In 2018, the Coca-Cola Company participated in its Series A equity financing of $10 million, along with the Performance Food Group and Tampa Bay Lightning Owner, Jeff Vinik. A former VP of Coca-Cole, Shane Wheatland, was previously hired as CMO of Omnivore.

"A single source of truth," in the phrasing of Omnivore, its Menu Management System supports the range of touch points, including digital signage, self-service kiosks, drive-thru stands, online ordering systems, and third-party delivery apps. As expected, it integrates with the POS for menu updates, proper pricing, and promotional campaigns.

"Omnivore has long advocated for what's possible in restaurant industry technology with the adoption of a standard integration, and with Coca-Cola's partnership, this is just the beginning of that vision made into reality," proclaimed Mike Wior, CEO of Omnivore. "Creating oversight and control over digital menu management will further allow restaurant brands to increase sales and decrease expenses by streamlining operations and customer experience across all of their third-party partnerships." Since its inception, Omnivore has partnered with many of the major players in software for restaurant POS.

Omnivore's Menu Management System

They Envysion ISVs/VARs

A newly cast "Channel Partner Program" has been launched by loss prevention provider, Envysion (Superior, CO). It identifies four categories of participants: Integration, Software, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise & OEM. As part of Software, ISVs and VARs in POS are specifically cited. As elements of its Envysion Solution Suite, there's Managed Video Services, POS Integration/Reports, Auditing, and Subject Matter Expertise. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Envysion offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

"To keep up with the increasing complexity and sophistication of theft, fraud, and other damaging losses, Envysion is aggressively focusing on its Channel Partner Program to help bring innovative solutions to wider audiences," declared Calvin Quan, CEO for Envysion. "Our program will empower our partners to accelerate the adoption and reach of cutting-edge tools and strategies that address loss prevention more broadly." As features of its Channel Partner Program, Envysion has extended dedicated account support, sales and technical training, marketing collateral, early access new product information, preferred pricing, deal registration, web portal, and quarterly or semi-annual business reviews.

"We recognize the enormous value that our channel partners can provide by offering trusted recommendations to help customers enhance their loss prevention efforts and increase profitability," projected Howard Finch, VP of Channel Sales for Envysion. "By formalizing our channel relationships into a dedicated program, we're eliminating the obstacles that often prevent customers from getting the hardware, software, service, and support they need while also creating new opportunities for our partners to market more extensive and valuable solutions." As markets, Envysion focuses on restaurants, convenience stores, cinemas, and more recently, retailers.

A New Channel Partner Program at Envysion


Key Advertiser Links

Be sure to visit these vendors for the latest in channel products and offers for resellers.

POS & Peripherals
CRS, Inc.
Electronic Payments
Pioneer POS

Barcode & Transaction Printers
Bixolon America
Brother Mobile
Godex Americas

Cash Drawers
APG Cash Drawer

Data Collection
Code Corporation
Janam Technologies

Integrated Payment Solutions
Datacap Systems
Electronic Payments
EVO Payments/Sterling

Receipt Printers
Bixolon America
Epson America
Star Micronics

Thermal Printers
Seiko Instruments USA


Star Takes the Trolley

A new bundle of hardware by Star Micronics America (Somerset, NJ) and software by e-Nabler Corporation (San Juan, PR) has brought mobile credit card payments to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in Boston, MA. It combines Star's 2" portable Bluetooth SM-S230i printer with the RailSales Software developed by e-Nabler. As mobile computing device for its conductors, which links to the Star SM-S230i, the MBTA employs the Apple iPhone 6S with Linea Pro 6 Scanner Sled by Infinite Peripherals (Elk Grove Village, IL).

Operated by Keolis Commuter Service, the MBTA moves an estimated 127,000 riders per day. Earlier, if riders boarded the train without tickets--commonly for tourists--they would have to pay with cash or download the MBTA's Commuter Rail App. Since fares are determined by departure and arrival zones, for non-ticket holders, conductors had to memorize zone pricing to calculate the fare, accept payment, then calculate the change to return to the passenger, or issue the system's voluntary post-payment form. A dynamic scheduling interface in RailSales now gives conductors up-to-the-minute train, zone, and station selections for fare calculation, allowing passengers to pay by credit or debit card (as well as cash), considerably speeding the process.

Also, with the new system, Keolis Commuter Service gains better insight into ticket sales and revenue performance. A previous method of collecting business intelligence counted paper tickets once per month. An opportunity for improved scheduling, operational efficiencies, and new marketing and promotional campaigns has resulted from its electronic data collection, according to the MBTA. After its successful 10 conductor pilot test, the new Star SM-S230i/e-Nabler RailSales system was rolled out to 400 conductors over four months. (As many readers know, e-Nabler has its eMobilePOS.)

Star Micronics and e-Nabler Bring Mobile Credit Card Payments to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Revel Slices the Pie

Revel Systems (Atlanta, GA) has prepared its pizza solution for its Revel Enterprise and Revel Essentials POS. It encompasses ordering, payment, kitchen workflow management, and delivery. "The pizza industry is experiencing unprecedented change and challenging competition because of consumer expectations which require additional technology," relayed Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy Officer at Revel. "Using customer and consumer input, we spent significant time building this solution." (A member of the Apple Enterprise Mobility Program, Revel was founded in 2010. It seems resurgent recently.)

A series of preconfigured templates accelerate the implementation timeline and simplify ongoing system management in the pizza solution, according to Revel. In addition, they help building menus and developing staffing schedules. An intuitive user interface simplifies the ordering experience for the web or mobile devices. An accompanying kitchen display system (KDS) addresses typical food preparation stations within the pizzeria. Also extended: inventory management and customer relationship management (CRM).

"We chose Revel because it was cloud-based, cost-effective, and offered greater flexibility than our legacy system," disclosed Michael Petrilli, VP of pizza chain 1100 Group (San Francisco, CA). "Revel was able to map half-and-half toppings and half-and-half specialty pizzas, and the way the modifiers worked within Revel was better than the complicated matrix that had to be engineered by our previous POS. Additionally, given the importance of online ordering, having Revel do it for us means that we get to capture all of that revenue as opposed to giving 10% to a third-party."

Revel Delivers Its Pizza Solution for POS

[Ed. Note: Also, Revel Systems has placed its Revel Enterprise POS in more than 1,300 Focus Brands franchise locations in North America, including Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's, and Carvel. It represents one of the largest deployments of cloud-based iPad POS, according to Revel.]

Channel Factoid

Auto ID in the Warehouse

Current Status of Fulfillment:
-Mostly or All Manual: 49%
-Automated/Manual: 42%
-Highly Automated: 4%

Currently in Use:
-Barcode Scanners: 86%
-Mobile/Wireless: 74%
-RFID: 26%
-Voice-Directed Picking: 23%
-Pick/Put-to-Light: 21%
-Heads Up Display/Vision: 6%

Will Implement With 24 Months:
-Pick/Put-to-Light: 60%
-Mobile/Wireless: 56%
-Barcode Scanners: 55%
-RFID: 49%
-Heads Up Display/Vision: 49%
-Voice-Directed Picking: 44%

Source: "2019 Usage and Implementation of Warehouse and DC Automation Solutions," Conducted by Peerless Research Group for Modern Materials Handling Magazine

CipherLab 9700 Rugged Computer in Warehouse


Channel Chatter

In April, U.S. Customs and Border Agents seized three shipping containers of counterfeit "point-of-sale machines" at the International Falls Point of Entry from Canada to the U.S. They were destined to arrive in Ranier, MN. Altogether, 1,300 terminals were confiscated, representing approximately $2.5 million in Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). "Enforcement of trade laws at U.S. ports of entry remains high priority for us," related Anthony Jackson, International Falls Port Director. As identified in photographs released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the terminals were branded "Micros/Oracle."

U.S. Customs Seizes Counterfeit POS Terminals



A Trail Boss for Pioneer

Pioneer Solution (City of Industry, CA) has enlisted Michael Crouse as its National Director of Retail Sales. He joins the company from Custom Business Solutions/NorthStar, where he served as Director of Channel Sales and VP of Sales and Marketing (2017 to 2019). For 15 years, he worked at Ingram Micro, culminating in roles as Senior Manager of Sales and Operations for Consumer Technology Solutions (2010 to 2013) and Senior Manager of Channel Sales for Mobility (2013 to 2015).

"In my nearly 25 years in technology, I've rarely come across a vendor with a comprehensive product line-up like Pioneer," commented Crouse. "To do so in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare verticals is even more impressive. I'm excited to get working with our partners, distributors, end clients, and the ISV community on ways to provide cutting-edge, durable, and multi-function technology solutions to market. It's a great time to be at Pioneer, and I appreciate the warm welcome I've received."

"Michael's experience in the channel is second to none," enthused Gee Singgih, CEO of Pioneer Solution. "It is not often that you have someone with great understanding of distribution, resellers, ISVs, payment processors, and manufacturing. He brings to Pioneer all of those perspectives which will help us refine and expand on how we enhance the way we do business with partners moving forward."

Michael Crouse, National Director of Retail Sales, Pioneer Solution

[Ed. Note: Also, Pioneer Solution has shipped its newest tablet for POS, Model T3 Plus. It features 10" multitouch display (1280x800), Intel Quad-Core CPU, 4-GB Memory, 64-GB Storage, and Android 6 or Windows 10 O/S. As wireless, there's Bluetooth 4 and 802.11 WLAN. A full suite of ports (USB, Serial, Ethernet) and peripherals (MSR/EMV, 2D barcode scanner, fingerprint reader, and RFID) are offered by Pioneer.]

APG Welcomes Phil

APG Cash Drawer (Minneapolis, MN) has engaged Philip Oyos as Business Development Manager. Previously, he served as OEM and Channel Sales Manager for CognitiveTPG (2016 to 2019). Earlier roles include Director of Sales and Marketing at MMF POS (2013 to 2014), Director of Sales-Americas at XMOS (2011 to 2013), and Senior Product Marketing Manager at NEC Electronics America (2006 to 2010).

"I am pleased to be teaming up with Phil again. He has the industry experience we were seeking, and will be a strong cultural fit for APG," expressed Nigel Ball, VP of Sales at APG. "Phil brings a considerable wealth of knowledge and solution sales experience in many different markets from his previous roles."

"It is great to become a part of a world-class organization as APG has been over the years," contributed Oyos. "Having worked in this industry for many years, I recognize APG's approach and relentless effort to meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations stands among the best, and I look forward to continuing on in this manner." As his focus: "general application" cash drawers for the channel in North America.

Philip Oyos, Business Development Manager, APG Cash Drawer

A New Combination for Paysafe

Paysafe (Houston, TX and London, UK) has recruited Philip McHugh as its new CEO. He replaces Joel Leonoff, Founder, who will become Vice Chairman of the Paysafe Board of Directors. In the past, McHugh served as Senior EVP and President of TSYS Merchant Solutions (2017 to 2019), CFO and CEO of Barclaycard Business Solutions (2006 to 2017), and Chief of Staff-Latin America of Citigroup (2003 to 2006).

"We are delighted that somebody of Philip's caliber has accepted the role of CEO for Paysafe," vouched Stuart Harvey, Chairman of the Paysafe Board of Directors. "His relentless focus on serving the customer, and his proven ability to drive operational excellence within complex financial organizations, has led to strong results throughout his career. This track record combined with his visionary approach will be invaluable as we advance the company's corporate strategy."

"I am truly honored to become part of the Paysafe story," stated McHugh. "Paysafe has built an incredibly unique payments business that is scaled, diverse, highly specialized, and frankly hard to beat." He cited an "opportunity to continue to invest in, and leverage, Paysafe's differentiated payments assets, as well as identify new area of growth while working with a highly focused and energized team."

Philip McHugh, CEO, Paysafe

[Ed. Note: Another step in the continuous consolidation of the payments industry, with news of the merger of Global Payments and TSYS. A $21 billion all-stock deal. Of particular interest to readers of RRN, and VARs and ISVs in POS, Global Payments has Heartland POS, while TSYS has Cayan.]

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