Week of May 20, 2019
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Fujitsu Components America (San Jose, CA) has stocked its new 2" and 3" thermal printer mechanisms with 20% faster speeds. At 24-VDC, the FTP-6xGMCL 163#10 Series outputs paper receipts ranging from 60 to 150 micrometers thick at speeds of up to 9.8 in./250 mm per second at 203 dpi. It carries Fujitsu's proprietary platen release to minimize paper jams and simplify maintenance, with straight paper path. A compact, low profile for the FTP-6xGMCL 163#10 Series includes rugged die-cast frame for protection from electrostatic discharge and resistance to shock/vibration, as well as heat-sink to allow for continuous printing. As options, there's auto-cutters and interface boards for Serial and USB.

High-Speed Printer Mechanisms by Fujitsu


Datacap: NETePay on Steroids

As the new owner of the gateway and gift loyalty platform of the former Monetary LLC, Datacap Systems (Chalfont, PA) has positioned itself as unique provider of both in-store and hosted payment services. An early partner of Monetary, founded by Jeff Katz and Shelley Plomske (think Mercury Payment Systems), Datacap participated in the beginnings of the processor-agnostic, value-added platform. When Monetary was recently purchased by web-developer Octopi, the ISO business went to Aurora Payment Systems, and Datacap snapped up its advanced functionality for its popular payments middleware, NETePay.

"We were intimately involved in development of Monetary because they were mostly using our technology," Terry Zeigler, President and CEO of Datacap Systems, told RRN. "With this perpetual license, we now have value-added payments functionality that can be marketed profitably by our partner ISVs/VARs--on either an in-store or hosted basis. A true omnichannel experience, built on Microsoft Azure, with state-of-the-art security protocols for merchants in the SMB."

As such functionality, NETePay "Hosted" adds tokenization, validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) by Bluefin, e-commerce capabilities, and mobile payments. "We think we'll be the only guy in the market with the ability to support both store-level and hosted solutions with an integrated, transparent command interface for ISVs/VARs," noted Zeigler. In conversation with RRN, he emphasized that Datacap Systems has no interest as serving as an acquirer/ISO. "For Datacap, 'gateway' describes the traffic cop sending payments to the merchant's processing platform of choice," he stressed.

Terry Zeigler, President and CEO, Datacap Systems

Shift4 Flies With SkyTab

Shift4 Payments (Allentown, PA) has debuted its new pay-at-the-table solution for restaurants, dubbed SkyTab. Offered at no charge to new customers, SkyTab includes mobile software and wireless terminal for POS (customized A920 by PAX Technology, Jacksonville, FL). It integrates with the software brands of Shift4--Harbortouch, Restaurant Manager, Future POS, and POSitouch--as well as Oracle Hospitality (formerly Micros). Additional integration partners will be announced soon, said Shift4.

With payment support for MSR, EMV, and Contactless NFC, SkyTab includes capability for split checks, addition of tips, and choice of e-receipt or paper receipt. Also, customers will be prompted to rate their service, and if responses fall below the predetermined threshold, management will be notified by text message. In areas of customer relationship management, social media, and business intelligence, SkyTab links to Shift4's Lighthouse Business Management System.

"Although pay-at-the-table is standard practice throughout the rest of the world, it has struggled to gain any sort of widespread adoption in the U.S. Efficiency and security benefits are undeniable, but the high cost of these devices has hindered adoption," relayed Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 Payments. "SkyTab is the U.S. payment industry's first pay-at-the-table solution at a price point that makes it really compelling for restaurants. With the added customer engagement features and ordering functionality that we have incorporated into SkyTab, we are confident that these devices will become ubiquitous throughout the foodservice industry."

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table Solution by Shift4

[Ed. Note: As many readers may recall, Shift4--then United Bank Card/Harbortouch--pioneered "Hardware-as-a-Service" (HaaS) with the offering of free payment terminals (2004), ECRs (2009), and finally, touchscreen POS (2011), as part of its processing/service pact.]


Worth Your While

Transact Tech
Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
June 20
Atlanta, GA

Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)
July 28-31
San Antonio, TX

September 16-17
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Pack Expo
Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)
September 23-25
Las Vegas, NV

National Association of Convenience Stores
October 2-4
Atlanta, GA

Money 20/20
October 27-30
Las Vegas, NV

NRF 2020 Vision
National Retail Federation
January 12-14, 2020
New York, NY

Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)
January 26-20, 2020
Nassau, Bahamas

Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
April 30-May 2, 2020
Las Vegas, NY



A Younger Brother

Brother Mobile Solutions (Westminster, CO) has unwrapped its new desktop direct-thermal label printer series, christened TD 4. In dimensions of 7 in. (W) x 6.1 in. (H) x 8.8 in. (L), with 4" print width, the TD 4 has three models: TD-4410D (with USB 2.0 and Serial), TD-4420DN (with USB 2.0, Serial, and Ethernet), and TD-4550DNWB (with USB 2.0, Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth/MFi, and 802.11 Wi-Fi). It features spindle-less drop-in paper loading, control panel of 3 keys/3 LEDs, display LCD, drivers for Windows (and SDKs for iOS and Android), and emulation for Raster Graphics, ZPL II, CPCL, Text (Template/Form), and ESC/P (with AirPrint added to the TD-4550DNWB).

As performance, with 256-MB SDRAM and 64-MB Flash, the TD-4410D and TD-4420DN have maximum print speed of 8 in./203 mm per second at 203 dpi, while the TD-4550DNWB has maximum print speed of 6 in./152 mm per second at 300 dpi. A wide range of media (2 to 11 mil in thickness, 0.25 to 118 inches in length) and applications (warehouse, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare) are cited for the TD 4. As options, it offers auto-cutter and label peeler, with two-year premium limited warranty (print head and platen roller).

"Brother's new portfolio is designed for the SMB operation and the new generation of smaller urban warehouses often located closer to customers for quick or even same-day delivery," commented Ravi Panjwani, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Brother Mobile Solutions. It supports design and print software tools such as BarTender by Seagull Scientific (Bellevue, WA) and Designer Express by NiceLabel (Wauwatosa, WI). In addition, Brother is a gold-level member of the SAP Printer Vendor Program. Going forward, Brother said it will launch thermal-transfer and RFID-enabled models in the TD 4 Series.

Brother's New TD 4 Desktop Label Printer Series


Datalogic Undocks Magellan 1500i

Datalogic (Eugene, OR) has shipped its new presentation scanner, designated Magellan 1500i. Used in hands-free or hand-held modes, Magellan 1500i reads 1D/2D, with Motionix motion-sensing technology, (which activates its aiming LED), along with the company's "Green Spot" (for good-read confirmation). It furnishes distances up to 30 cm, with minimum contrast ratio of 25%, and sweep speeds up to 1.5 ms for 1D.

In tilting riser dimensions of 3 in. (W) x 2.4 in. (D) x 5.9 in. (H), weighing 8.5 oz., Magellan 1500i has large reading area and illumination via near-infrared LEDs that automatically adjusts to reduce reflection and eliminate flickering. Available with Serial or USB, and in black or white color, it features an IP-52 rating for water and dust and 4-ft./1.2-m drop resistance. As downloads, there's Aladdin or Scanalyzer for configuration, and OPOS and JavaPOS as utilities. Also, Magellan 1500i supports the "invisible" Digimarc Barcode.

"This new omnidirectional presentation scanner is versatile and stylish with the latest digital imaging technology," declared Fabrizio Pareschi, Retail Industry Marketing Manager at Datalogic (Bologna, Italy). "It reads barcodes on everything from printed product labels to mobile coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, and boarding passes. With its small footprint and attractive design, the Magellan 1500i will fulfill any point of sale or service environment."

Datalogic's Magellan 1500i Presentation Scanner


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CardFlight's PAX Plan

As its next step into the market, CardFlight (New York, NY) has embraced the A80 and A920 payment terminals from PAX Technology (Jacksonville, FL). With its flagship technology, entitled SwipeSimple, CardFlight addresses both bring-your-own-device mobility (BYOD) and countertop POS. With the A920, in particular, CardFlight now supports so-called "smart terminals" with touchscreens and Android O/S.

"Today's launch expands our tested, state-of-the-arts payments software to this new medium, making it easier that ever for small business owners across America to build and grow their companies," enthused Derek Webster, Founder and CEO at CardFlight. "Our mission at CardFlight is simple--we're committed to making payment acceptance fast, dependable, and effortless for business owners in today's fast-evolving digital world." As features, SwipeSimple has on-screen tip prompts, customizable digital receipts via e-mail and SMS, searchable transaction history on the device, item catalog and inventory management, and business insight tools on its SwipeSimple Merchant Web Dashboard.

"We're grateful that our reseller partners have brought SwipeSimple to more than 50,000 small businesses across the United States," related Marla Knutson, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at CardFlight. "Introducing SwipeSimple to the smart terminal market enables us and our reseller partners to support even more merchants across new business categories and to do so at a deeper level, making it easier than ever before for our partners to support their customers with our technology." On its website, CardFlight recruits ISOs, VARs, and ISVs.

CardFlight Puts SwipeSimple on the PAX A920

[Ed. Note: Also, PAX Technology has combined forces with payment gateway BridgePay (Lake Mary, FL) to address the market for ISVs.]

An AiO for Weed

A mobile payment solution for the cannabis industry has been rolled out (pun intended) by CannaTrac (Chicago, IL) and Nexgo (Santa Ana, CA and Shenzhen, Guangdon, China). It bundles the CannaCard platform by CannaTrac with the N5 payment terminal by Nexgo. Started in 2014, CannaTrac fills the need for cashless transactions in cannabis buying (as readers may know, cannabis dispensaries cannot accept traditional credit or debit cards, and problems also exist with accumulating large amounts of cash in the banking system in the U.S.).

"We are delighted to announce this next step for CannaTrac. Addition of a mobile POS system creates a new market for the cashless CannaCard payment system by allowing us to expand into mobile deliveries," expressed Tom Gavin, Vice Chairman and CEO of CannaTrac. "An All-in-One POS system will make it easier for retailers to join the CannaCard platform, bringing safety and convenience."

An accompanying CannaCard App--on the App Store and Google Play-- allows customers to load money on physical or virtual cards and pay with them in person or electronically. With 5.5" color capacitive touchscreen (720x1280), Nexgo's N5 accepts MSR, EMV, and Contactless NFC, and runs Android O/S. It measures 7.3 in. (L) x 3.2 in. (W) by 2.5 in. (H), weighs 14.7 oz., and has 2-megapixel front-facing and 5-megapixel rear-facing cameras, integrated 2" thermal receipt printer, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and 5200-mAh Lithium-Ion Battery. As options, there's 1D/2D barcode scanner and 802.11 Wi-Fi.

A Stash of CannaTrac's Payments and Nexgo's N5 Mobile Computer Addresses Cannabis Sales

Code Corner

A new feature has been touted by restaurant ISV NovaDine (Raleigh, NC), named "group order." It allows multiple people to order food together under the umbrella of one combined order, with every participant being able to choose their own items and pay for their individual portion. A user creates an order, sets a cut-off time, and then sends an invite for others to join. At the specified cut-off time, the order is automatically marked as final, is captured for payment, and submitted to the restaurant to begin food preparation. A patent has been awarded for the technology. "Customers love group ordering because it eliminates the hassle of collecting cash from each individual involved in the order," proposed George Istfan, Founder and Chief Software Architect of NovaDine. A testimony of the feature's effectiveness, "consistent with the shared nature and experience of Chinese food," was given by Dave Wallinga, VP of Guest Marketing for Panda Express.

Group Order Functionality by NovaDine

A Message From the Editor

As we enter another year, our mission stays constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID. If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of changes in technology, go-to-market strategies, and business models. We look forward to continuing that mission and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor





Squirrel Climbs Cloud

A longstanding player in hospitality, Squirrel Systems (Vancouver, BC, Canada) has unveiled its Squirrel Cloud for POS. As demonstrated at the recent National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, IL, Squirrel Cloud runs Microsoft Azure and supports iOS, Windows, and Android O/S. An early access program has been launched for both counter- and table-service restaurants, with an offer of free hardware.

"In Squirrel's history, our software platform has been re-invented on several occasions to take advantage of new technology and continually provide our customers with the modern platform to run their restaurants," suggested Jason Leeson, President of Squirrel Systems. "Squirrel Cloud is our most ambitious technology evolution to date, driven by input from our most innovative customers and partners. We are very excited to see several years of R&D reach the market."

In April, Squirrel Systems presented new terminals for POS: Models WS150, WS150H, and WS140H. Running Windows O/S, WS150 and WS150H feature 15" bezel-less projected-capacitive touchscreens (Standard 4:3, 1024x768 for WS150 and Widescreen 16:9, 1920x1080 for WS150H). As CPU, WS150 has Intel Apollo Lake, while WS150H has Intel Quad-Core Celeron. Also offering the choice of Squirrel Linux O/S, the new WS140H features 14" bezel-less projected-capacitive touchscreen (Widescreen 16:9, 1920x1080). As CPU, it has Arm Quad-Core.

An Early Access Program for Squirrel Cloud POS

A Wrap at GS1

GS1 US (Ewing, NJ) has released its "GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Guideline - Order Consolidation Best Practices," offering industry-supported recommendations for packing multiple purchases across multiple departments into the most efficient carton size. As part of its content, it provides recommendations for creating, managing, and sharing consolidated Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) and consolidated Purchase Orders (POs) across business operations. It also outlines best practices for leveraging data standards to share information regarding such consolidation of POs by the brand owner and the retailer.

As specified by GS1 US, consolidation of orders helps shippers reduce material costs for boxes, tape, labels, and packing materials such as foam peanuts and air pillows. Using fewer cartons per shipment, of course, also lowers labor costs associated with building the shipping cartons and filling, loading, and unloading them. It also enables optimized cube utilization for each package, which helps improve trailer capacity, reduces fuel costs, and shrinks the shipment's carbon footprint (of interest for today's consumers and retailers).

"Without a common practice for order consolidation, brands have had to implement different methods based on each retailer's implementation process," explained Susan Pichoff, Senior Director of Community Engagement at GS1 US. "Since many retailers have minimum carton sizes and weights, a small product could be shipped in a larger box than necessary--effectively shipping 'air,' which is highly inefficient and wasteful." As products covered, GS1 US cites cosmetics, jewelry, footwear, fashion accessories, apparel and sportswear, sporting goods, home fashion, small appliances, and DIY.

GS1 US Offers Guidelines for Order Consolidation in Apparel and General Merchandise

Savi About WAN

Savi Technology (Alexandria, VA), one of the leaders in supply chain management, has showcased its "first truly global sensor," called Savi Locate. It eliminates in-transit blind spots by seamless operation on 4G, 3G, and 2G cellular networks to ensure shippers have live, streaming visibility. It will be offered to both commercial and government customers of Savi Technology.

In so-called "multi-modal" shipping, most significant visibility gaps occur when the shipment is transferred from land-to-sea or sea-to-land, identified Savi Technology. In such cases, traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) fails to offer real-time status. In the case of land-to-sea shipments, for instance, the "Loaded on Vessel" message will typically be sent 1 to 5 days after the fact. In keeping with the unique requirements of so-called industrial IoT, or "IIoT," the Savi Locate sensor minimizes operations support requirements with battery life of 6 months to 5 years, depending on "ping" interval.

"Our customers have already witnessed the benefits of real-time visibility solutions in their supply chains, such as a pharma company saving $15M worth of inventory from spoilage and an industrial manufacturer reducing in-transit damage from shock," recounted Rich Carlson, CEO of Savi Technology. "Now, Savi's new Savi Locate sensor offers the broadest coverage available today to help shippers measurably improve customer delivery performance and reduce carrying costs. It continues Savi's history of innovation in sensor technology and end-to-end solutions for today's global supply chains."

A Savi Locate Sensor for Industrial IoT


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APG Cash Drawer

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Code Corporation
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Datacap Systems
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EVO Payments/Sterling

Receipt Printers
Bixolon America
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Thermal Printers
Seiko Instruments USA


Epson Smells the Coffee

A partnership between Epson America (Long Beach, CA) and ISV SpeedETab (Miami, FL) has enhanced customer service at Press Coffee Roasters (Phoenix. AZ). It employs Epson's cube-shaped 3" TM-m30 receipt printers for mobile ordering at the seven locations of Press Coffee. After six months, thousands of customers have adopted the solution.

As demonstrated at the recent National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, IL, customers of Press Coffee order through the SpeedETab App. As each order is received, the in-store system flashes and beeps to alert staff. When the order is approved, the system sends the ticket via Bluetooth to the Epson TM-m30 for printing, then alerts the customer that the order is being prepared. At the counter, the system displays the customer's photo and name to help the baristas.

"Until very recently, having your own mobile ordering application was reserved for enterprise brands with resources and capital," remarked Adam Garfield, CEO of SpeedETab. "We make it easy for SMBs and mid-market brands to compete by giving them an out-of-the-box digital ordering solution that lets customers skip the line while personalizing the ordering and pick-up experience." Established in 2015, SpeedETab has placed its solution in 1,500 locations in the U.S., including Barnes & Noble Cafes, Panther Coffee, Gregorys Coffee, and Toby's Estate.

Epson Places Its TM-m30 Receipt Printer in Press Coffee Roasters With SpeedETab

[Ed. Note: Also, Epson America will supply three additional printer models in collaboration with POS ISV Lavu (Albuquerque, NM): its cube-shaped 3" TM-m30 receipt printer, its 3" OmniLink TM-T88V-i "intelligent" receipt printer, and its 3" TM-U220-i impact kitchen printer with Kitchen Display System (KDS) Expansion Module.]

Manhattan Lights Up Lamps Plus

Manhattan Associates (Atlanta, GA) has provided its Point of Sale, part of its Manhattan Active Omni Platform, for the largest specialty lighting retailer in the U.S., Lamps Plus. After successful piloting in its flagship store in Chatsworth, CA, Lamps Plus will expand the solution to its additional 35 locations in the Western U.S. An established partner of Lamps Plus, Manhattan Associates previously supplied its Order Management, Store Inventory and Fulfillment, Warehouse Management, and Labor Management and Slotting Solutions.

A cloud-native platform, built on microservices architecture, Manhattan Point of Sale includes "Resilient Cloud" technology to ensure against disruption of the network. It also allows Lamps Plus to choose from numerous hardware manufacturers, form factors (cash wraps, mobile devices, or tablets), and O/S. As readers may recall, Manhattan Associates, one of the historic players in supply chain technology, purchased the POS of GlobalBay from Verifone in 2014.

"We switched to Manhattan's POS because of the company's outstanding solutions, modern architecture, and comprehensive vision," reflected Clark Linstone, CFO for Lamps Plus. "Manhattan Point of Sale provides our store associates with an holistic and comprehensive view of the customer so they can anticipate and quickly respond to any need." In Q1 2019, Manhattan Associates reported total revenue of $148.4 million, versus $130.6 million in Q1 2018.

Lamps Plus Installs Manhattan Associates POS

Channel Factoid

Does Anybody Cook Anymore?

-Overall restaurant industry sales are forecast to reach $863 billion in 2019 in the U.S.

-Approximately half of restaurant operators rate their current business as stronger than two years ago.

-1.6 million new restaurant jobs are projected to be added by 2029.

-Nearly four in ten restaurant operators plan to invest more capital in expanding their off-premises business in 2019.

-Six in ten family-dining, casual-dining, and fast-casual restaurant operators say their take-out sales are higher than they were two years ago.

-A solid majority of family-dining (63%), casual-dining (72%), and fast-casual restaurant operators (64%) say their delivery sales are higher than they were two years ago. Fewer than one in ten say their delivery sales have declined.

-More than eight in ten restaurant operators agree that the use of technology provides competitive advantage.

-A majority of restaurant operators plan to devote more resources in customer-facing, service-based technology--such as online or app ordering, reservations, mobile payments, or delivery management.

-"Consumer demand for greater convenience and speed will continue to accelerate, and restaurants are responding by adopting and incorporating more sophisticated layers of technology into their day-to-day operations," observed Hudson Riehle, SVP of the Research and Knowledge Group at the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

Source: "2019 State of the Restaurant Industry" by the National Restaurant Association (Washington, DC)

Majority of Restaurant Operators to Invest in IT


Joe Butters the Toast

A focused partner program at surging provider of POS, Toast (Boston, MA), now includes familiar figure Joe Finizio as its Reseller Channel Manager. A long resume for this channel advocate includes Product Manager at Data Terminal Systems (1977 to 1986), VP of Micros (1986 to 2001), VP/GM of Sharp Electronics (2001 to 2004), and perhaps most notably, President and CEO of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (2006 to 2014). He reports to another channel veteran, John Tata, Group VP for Partner Sales at Toast, who served as EVP at Xpient Solutions, now part of Heartland/Global Payments, (2001 to 2013).

Joe Finizio, Reseller Channel Manager, Toast



He's the Tillerman

APG Cash Drawer (Minneapolis, MN) has enlisted industry veteran Tony Pusateri as its SMARTtill Business Development Manager. He joins APG from NCR, where he served as Channel Account Manager (2013 to 2018). His earlier resume includes VP of Business Development for ZBD (2009 to 2012), Business Development Manager for Retalix (2003 to 2009), and VP of Operations and Product Development for Pricer AB (1994 to 1999). Via weighable coin and note tray, as many readers have seen demonstrated, details of each transaction (such as number, cashier, date, and time) are electronically logged by APG's SMARTtill.

"I am very excited to be part of the SMARTtill solution and think this technology can revolutionize cash management at the point of sale," volunteered Pusateri. "APG is a great company and has fostered a superb culture and I am honored to be a part of the team." As the next step in its evolution, SMARTtill will address the channel of VARs and ISVs in POS. As fertile markets for the technology, APG cites grocery, convenience stores (c-stores), and quick-service restaurants (QSR).

"It is great to have Tony as a member of our SMARTtill Business Development team," contributed Stephen Bergeron, VP of Global Marketing and SMARTtill Business Development at APG. "He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to APG. His relationships in the grocery sector will be invaluable as we launch the SMARTtill Solution."

Tony Pusateri, SMARTtill Business Development Manager, APG Cash Drawer


Seeking Hyde

Payment Source (Toronto, ON, Canada), provider of prepaid solutions, has elevated Robert Hyde to the role of President. He first joined the firm in 2016 as VP of Payment Services, and led the development of PaySimply, which allows consumers and small businesses to pay their taxes at the Canada Post. Previously, he served as Director of Client Services at business software developer, Architech (2012 to 2016).

"Robert has an extraordinary understanding of the business and is highly respected within the organization and in the industry," shared Trevor Cook, Co-Founder and CEO of Payment Source. "He personifies the values and culture that have made this company successful over the past five years. With Robert as President, the company is well positioned for further growth."

"Payment Source is truly a 'Made in Canada' entrepreneurial success story driven by the vision and leadership of George DeMarchi and Trevor Cook," stated Hyde. "I am delighted and grateful for the opportunity to work with our talented leadership team to take Payment Source to the next phase in our evolution." Also Co-Founder, DeMarchi serves as Managing Director of Payment Source.

Robert Hyde, President, Payment Source

Rezku Gets "Nabbed"

North American Bancard (Troy, MI) has added ISV Rezku POS (Sacramento, CA) to its roster of resellers. As specific benefits of Rezku, NAB identifies "totally customizable POS, reliable software with advanced offline capacity, and unlimited remote access to all settings and reports." It's designed for both counter and table service, with full functionality, from sales and ordering to inventory and customer relationship management, and Rezku POS will handle all the tech support, onboarding, and configuration, according to the two parties.

"Our sales partners are gaining an incredible advantage to compete at the highest level in the restaurant marketplace and a tremendous value-add solution that will grow their portfolios," exclaimed Ryan Malloy, VP of Partner Relations at North American Bancard. "Being able to deliver a powerful POS system that manages fast-paced service and high-quality customer experiences makes Rezku POS an incredible addition to the NAB suite of solutions for POS." Established in 1992, NAB has become the sixth largest non-bank acquirer in North America.

"I know what it's like to be on the front line, making promises to clients and how important it is in this business to protect your reputation," indicated Paul Katsch, CEO of Rezku POS, which started in 2012. "We stand behind all of our partners, providing your customers with a quality product that does what it's meant to and a support team that cares as much about your clients as you do." As part of its market launch, NAB will be offering biweekly training sessions to its resellers.

Paul Katsch, CEO, Rezku POS

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