Week of October 20, 2014
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

TSC Auto ID Technology America (Pomona, CA) has showcased its TTP-244 Pro four-inch desktop thermal-transfer printer. Faster than its predecessor, the TTP-244 Plus, the TTP-244 Pro features five inches/127 mm per second print speed at 203 dpi. Unlike many printers, TTP-244 Pro can handle one-inch-core, 300-meter ribbon as well as eight-inch rolls fitted onto three-inch-core external spindle. Extra benefits include its dual-motor print engine with 32-bit RISC, TSPL-EZ firmware, and internally scalable true type fonts, as well as USB 2.0, Centronics, and RS-232. It measures 6.1 in. (H) x 9.1 in. (W) x 11.3 in. (D) and weighs 5.5 lbs. "Fully 25% faster than the popular TTP-244 Plus, the TTP-244 Pro is available at the same price point, making it significantly more affordable than comparable printers offering far fewer features," asserted TSC Auto ID.

TTP-244 Pro by TSC


Blue Skies for Datalogic

Datalogic (Eugene, OR) has unwrapped its new omni-directional presentation laser scanner, the Cobalto CO5300. As befitting its name, the scanner's reading window is encircled by a blue "ring of light" which turns green to visually confirm a good read. Additionally, its polyphonic speaker can be configured to provide various audio confirmations. An ergonomic top "scan" button, rubber side grips, and 30-degree adjustable scan head combine for ease-of-use. It weighs approximately 1 lb. and comes in white or black.

As performance, Cobalto offers an omni-directional reading pattern of 20 lines and 1,500 scans per second. Depth of field ranges from close contact to 10.8 inches/27.5 cm for most common barcodes used in retail. Cobalto withstands multiple drops to concrete from 4 ft./1.2 m and carries three-year standard factory warranty. All popular host terminals are supported out-of-the-box through its "scan to configure" capability (via programming label). A Checkpoint Systems EAS compatible model is also available.

"We are keeping our customer's needs in the forefront of our minds, focusing on providing the best possible scanning solutions for the differing vertical markets," remarked Bill Parnell, CEO/President of Datalogic ADC. "The design and development of the Cobalto scanner is the result of combining an attractive form factor with high performance technology. We are confident our customers will experience excellent value from this top performing, stylish, full-featured scanner."

New Cobalto Scanner by Datalogic

Security: Intel Inside

"A new approach to protecting customer information," in their words, has been launched by Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA) and NCR Corporation (Duluth, GA). Prosaically entitled Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions, this scheme supplies "secure silicon" hardware built into the POS. Available in the first half of next year, it will support select Intel Core and Intel Atom Processors (where an extra layer of security software resides). At present, plans include second- and third-generation Intel Core and Intel Atom Bay Trail-T.

"Consumers and retailers need solutions that help narrow the risk of information making its way into the wrong hands," expounded Chris Lybeer, VP of Strategic Development at NCR. "NCR and Intel recognized the need to add a new level of security into transactional systems. With Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions, in conjunction with NCR DataGuard, all important data from consumer information to payments to confidential business information are shielded from possible misuse."

This technology works with all form factors of POS with the select Intel Processors, including tablets. It supports all modern methods of credit and debit payment, including MSR, EMV, and NFC. Eventually, Intel and NCR expect to extend the technology to non-retail industries and applications, such as to secure the way airports handle passports and driver's license identity information, or helping pharmacies protect customer information related to prescription refills. "Without costly upgrades," noted Michelle Tinsley, Director of Mobility Retail and Payments at Intel.

Intel's Data Protection Technology for Transactions Will Be Embedded in Intel Core and Intel Atom

Worth Your While

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November 17-21

NRF's Big Show - Annual Conference
National Retail Federation
January 11-14, 2014
New York City

TransAct 15
Electronic Transactions Association
March 31 - April 2, 2014
San Francisco



Hello Kitty (Says Motorola)

Motorola Solutions (Schaumburg, IL) has unveiled the first enterprise-class mobile computer running Android KitKat--the Symbol TC70. Measuring 6.3 in. (L) x 3.3 in. (W) x 1.1 in. (D), and weighing 13.3 oz., the TC70 furnishes 4.7-inch display with Gorilla Glass 2, Dual Core CPU at 1.7 GHz, 1-GB RAM, and 8-GB Flash. It carries an IP-67 rating for water and dust and withstands multiple drops to concrete from 6 ft./1.8 m.

As data collection, the TC70 features dual-mode capacitive touchscreen, one- and two-dimensional scanning, front and rear cameras (one and eight megapixels), and NFC. Intended for WLAN, the TC70 holds Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11a/b/g/n, VoIP, and "Workforce Connect" Push-to-Talk. So-called Extensions (Mx) by Motorola provides an added layer of security, manageability, data capture capability, and wireless software features. A family of accessories includes holster, magnetic-stripe reader for mobile payment, and trigger-handles for scan-intensive environments.

"Customers who have tried consumer products have found that it has cost them more money in the long run as the total cost of ownership (TCO) does not compare to enterprise-class devices," stressed Girish Rishi, SVP of Enterprise Solutions for Motorola Solutions. "The TC70 delivers the mobile experience that customers desire with smartphone usability, optimized voice and data capture functionality, durability, and longer lifecycles. By combining the industry-leading features of the TC70 with Android's KitKat operating system and the expanding library of enterprise applications, mobile workers have the mobile computer necessary to accomplish more than ever." To date, Motorola lists fifty certified applications for the TC70, including price and inventory checks, line busting, assisted selling, workforce management, and inventory management.

Motorola Debuts Symbol TC70 for Enterprise

MobileDemand Goes Mini

MobileDemand (Hiawatha, IA) has presented its new ultra-light eight-inch rugged tablet, tagged the xTablet Flex 8. Weighing 1.7 lbs, it's powered by an Intel Bay Trail-TZ3770 Quad-Core CPU at 2.4 GHz, 4-GB RAM, and Windows 8.1 Professional or Windows 8.1 with Bing. With starting price point of $595, the xTablet Flex 8 targets field service, field sales, utilities, retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

As features, xTablet Flex 8 lists 1280x800 display, USB 2.0 and 3.0, four-hour Li-Ion battery, and front and rear cameras (two and five megapixels). A full suite of communication technologies has been included: Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11a/b/g/n, 3G WAN, and optional Mi-Fi. Also, xTablet Flex 8 carries accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and light sensor, with 64-GB storage.

As ruggedness, xTablet Flex 8 meets MIL-STD-810G for shock and drop from 4 ft./1.2 m. Its rugged case is comprised of two layers for drop protection, with rubber corner bumpers and high-impact polycarbonate shell with mounting for back hand strap, briefcase handle, stylus holder, and pouch for Mi-Fi (which are provided at no extra cost). MobileDemand also applies an innovative screen protector with special coating to reduce fingerprints and make water bead and safely run off, allowing for uninterrupted use in rain.

An xTablet Flex 8 in Vehicle Cradle

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A Chain of Digital Commerce for Retail Pro

A path of integration between Retail Pro (Folsom, CA), Merchant Warehouse (Boston, MA), and UniteU (Pittsford, NY) has brought omni-channel capability to participating retailers. Capping the effort, UniteU, which was the first e-commerce platform tied to Retail Pro, now has certified with Merchant Warehouse, allowing fully-integrated e-commerce for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, according to the three parties. In addition to payment processing, gift card transactions are supported for Merchant Warehouse partners such as Smart Transaction Systems, Valutec, and Givex.

"Merchant Warehouse certification is another step forward in building an ecosystem of value for Retail Pro," declared Soumen Das, CEO at UniteU. "With Merchant Warehouse, we're now able to offer fully integrated card-not-present processing for their e-commerce and m-commerce business, but also card-present transactions for mobile point-of-sale as well." As further benefits, UniteU addresses new payment schemes, including PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay, as well as dynamic tax calculation and fraud detection services from other major integration partners such as CyberSource.

"Merchant Warehouse is looking forward to a great partnership with UniteU," relayed Henry Helgeson, CEO at Merchant Warehouse. "Our certification should bring a comprehensive omni-channel solution for Retail Pro's customers. We're excited for retailers to discover just how easy digital commerce integrations can be with this partnership."

A Team of Retail Pro, Merchant Warehouse, and UniteU Brings Omni-Channel Capability

. . . And Bundle of POS With Wincor Nixdorf

A second move for Retail Pro (Folsom, CA), which will bundle its software with hardware from Wincor Nixdorf (Raleigh, NC). Following testing and certification, the two firms will offer special pricing on Wincor Nixdorf's Beetle iPOS Plus with Retail Pro's Prism. This bundle will be promoted to qualified end-users of most existing Retail Pro products, according to the two parties, and will last through the end of September 2015.

"Our environment-agnostic retail management platform, Retail Pro Prism, enables great flexibility, agility, security, accuracy, and operational control for the specialty retailer," indicated Kevin Connor, Director of Product Strategy at Retail Pro International. "Together with Wincor Nixdorf's hardware, we have one great end-to-end solution to offer specialty retailers across the globe." Industry veteran Don Paschal runs the North American Channel for Wincor Nixdorf's Retail Division, FYI.

Wincor Nixdorf's Beetle iPOS Plus features 15-inch projected capacitive touchscreen, bezel-free design, and fanless operation. It runs Windows 7, POS Ready 7, or Linux with an Intel Atom D2560 CPU at 2 GHz and 4-GB RAM. A full suite of ports has been configured, along with an aluminum housing, mounting for wall or pole displays, and optional solid-state disk and accompany peripherals. The front side of the Beetle iPOS Plus fulfills IP-65 ratings for splash-proofing.

Wincor Nixdorf's Beetle iPOS Plus

Code Corner

Lightspeed (Montreal) has entered the hospitality segment with the launch of Lightspeed Restaurant. A cloud-based product, Lightspeed Restaurant addresses mobile point-of-sale, business management, and customer analytics, in similar manner to Lightspeed Retail, which now serves 21,000 businesses. For front of the house, it features: mobile tableside ordering, visual menu with descriptions, opening and closing of bar tabs via credit card swipe, floor management tools, rewards program for customers, and split tabs. For back of the house, it features: single view of data, customer relationship management (CRM), instant menu updates, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other business processes. Lightspeed also announced its purchase of the Belgium-based POS company, POSIOS. Zhong Xu, POSIOS Co-Founder, has been named Director of Hospitality for Lightspeed. Both Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Retail will process transactions through Lightspeed Payments, announced in September. "Expanding into hospitality responds to the massive demand we have seen in the last two years," reported Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed.


Harboring Apple Pay

Harbortouch (Allentown, PA) has announced an enhanced Perkwave, its mobile app which furnishes pay-at-the-table functionality via EMV and NFC, now including Apple Pay. It also encompasses built-in loyalty and rewards. Apple Pay, of course, has generated much enthusiasm, particularly in light of the TouchID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 6 for an easier-to-use and extremely secure payment environment. Strength of the Apple brand doesn't hurt, either.

"The app leverages a familiar technology--mobile phones--to limit the consumer pushback that many other solutions have faced," explained Jared Isaacman, CEO of Harbortouch. "With Apple's proven track record of shaping trends on a global scale, Apple Pay is likely to be the first mobile payment solution to gain mainstream adoption. Perkwave helps facilitate this shift by enabling millions of iPhone users to use Apple Pay in a setting where it might not otherwise have been utilized."

"Harbortouch was an early adopter and developer of Apple Pay technology, and, as such, has been able to integrate this functionality on a deep level into our POS systems," continued Isaacman. "We have over 15,000 restaurant locations currently enabled for Perkwave acceptance and expect to add another 15,000 this year. We also have tens of thousands of additional retail merchants who are able to accept Apple Pay's NFC payment functionality using an integrated NFC reader." Harbortouch has pioneered the "free POS program" with no up-front cost and monthly subscription.

Harbortouch Unveils Perkwave Mobile App for Apple Pay and Pay-At-The-Table

Zealous for Zatar

Zebra Technologies Corporation (Lincolnshire, IL) has signed another reseller for its Zatar Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. A leader in low-power Wi-Fi for IoT, such as 802.11b/g/n + 802.15.4, GainSpan Corporation (San Jose, CA) sells extensively throughout industrial and commercial markets. It plans to offer modules, development kits, and solutions embedding Zatar cloud connectivity by the end of this year.

"By integrating our Wi-Fi/ZigBee/6LoWPAN modules with the Zatar IoT platform, we can together offer developers the most comprehensive connectivity solution for their IoT device," suggested Greg Winner, CEO of GainSpan. "Now IoT developers will be able to dramatically reduce time to market and quickly offer connected products and services." GainSpan was spun off Intel Corporation, some RRN.Com readers will recall.

"Zatar is a simple and powerful IoT cloud platform that enables organizations to monitor and control assets, people, and transactions," emphasized Phil Gerskovich, SVP of New Growth Platforms for Zebra Technologies. An enormous market looms: independent forecasts for the Internet of Things predict that between 30 and 50 billion devices will need to be connected by 2020. In addition to GainSpan, Zebra Technologies has added more familiar names such as American RFID and Barcode (Phoenix, AZ) and Quest Solution (Eugene, OR) as resellers of Zatar, so RRN.Com readers should pay close attention.

Zebra's Zatar Continues to Draw VARs


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D-O and the 575,000 SKUs

Datamax-O'Neil (Orlando, FL) has supplied its direct-thermal MP Compact4 Mark II portable printer for Wesco Aircraft (Valencia, CA), one of the leading distributors for the global aerospace industry, which stocks more than 575,000 SKUs of related products. For this project, ADC Technologies (Irvine, CA) served as VAR. "We saw that Datamax-O'Neil was coming out with a new printer with a simple, elegant design that securely attaches on the forklift," recalled Tom Good, System Sales Consultant for ADC Technologies. "They had sent us one, so we said, 'Hey, Wesco's going through some portable printer woes, so let's take it out there.' They loved it, ordered a dozen, then another dozen, then another four."

The MP Compact4 Mark II has been designed specifically for on-demand printing of labels in challenging environments. Indeed, the printer takes up less than half the space of traditional desktop label printers, at 4.1 in. (H) x 9.1 in. (W) x 10.2 in. (D) and weight of 7.7 lbs., but with comparable specifications of four-inch print width, sspeed of four inches/102 mm per second, and 200- or 300-dpi resolution. It has been constructed with solid cast-metal frame and protected with metal die-cast covers, and printing integrity has been preserved through the presence of an anti-vibration, quick-lock mounting plate.

Media loading is also optimized as the levers are large and easy to manage, even single-handedly while wearing gloves. For quick change-over, the paper path is also accessible through the side of the printer, which may be mounted vertically, or even upside-down. "The real proof of how well these printers work is that the staff asks for the Datamax-O'Neil printer to be installed on their picker when other brands of printer need repair," noted Sid Schreiber, Warehouse Operations Manager for Wesco Aircraft. "We are currently in the process of outfitting all of our existing pickers with the Mark II printers."

Aerospace Distributer Adopts MP Compact4 Mark II Label Printers From Datamax-O'Neil

Sweet Tooth for Givex

Givex (Toronto) will deploy its Vexilor POS for the 79 U.S. retail sites of Fannie May Fine Chocolates. Perhaps best known for its gift and loyalty solutions, Givex launched its purpose-built, tablet-based Vexilor several years ago, with an accompanying reseller program. In addition to POS, Vexilor has inventory management and enterprise reporting so the candy maker can monitor the raw materials required for its various recipes as well as the success of specific products.

"We were very impressed with Vexilor as an enterprise system with multifaceted capabilities," testified Joe Pititto, VP of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications of Fannie May Confections Brands. "It eliminates the need for multiple single function programs. Instead we simply use Vexilor to manage various tasks from measuring inventory levels to sales reporting."

"The appeal of Vexilor for Fannie May was the powerful enterprise features that are considered extras by other POS systems," volunteered Mo Chaar, VP of Sales at Givex. "The Vexilor system also provides Fannie May with free 24/7 customer service and no-charge upgrades, distinguishing itself from competitors." It's also EMV ready, by the way.

Fannie May Chocolates Deploys Vexilor



Channel Factoid

A majority of consumers now seek deals and new product information via their smartphones, according to new research from Scanbuy, Inc. More than half of respondents (51%) said they use coupon apps once or twice per month, and 20% use them daily. Likewise, nearly half of respondents (47%) said they will "sometimes" try a new product by receiving a coupon/discount offer while 23% said they "almost always" will. Food and beverage was the top product category for using coupons and discount offers (55%), followed by apparel (15%), and electronics (13%). When interested in a new product, most respondents (56%) said they conduct online search, followed by scanning a product barcode (20%) or visiting a store (15%). Still, receiving product discounts and coupons was the information that respondents wanted most from scanning (75%). "Our survey demonstrates the ever-increasing influence of smartphones on consumer shopping behavior and attitudes," summarized Maryann Moschides, VP of Marketing at Scanbuy. "Marketers should take note that the majority of mobile consumers are hungry for personalized deals and promotions from their favorite brands to help them save money and discover new products and services."

Keep Those Coupons Coming!


A Permanent Plaque at JDA

JDA Software Group (Scottsdale, AZ) has confirmed Baljit Dail as its CEO. Dail had served as Interim CEO following the departure of Hamish Brewer in May. A former CEO of Aon Hewitt, Dail also functions as Operating Partner at New Mountain Capital, the private equity firm that invested in RedPrairie prior to that company's merger with JDA Software in late 2012.

"The potential for JDA now, and into the future, is tremendous and I'm thrilled about the opportunity to continue leading this innovative company," remarked Dail. "Our game-changing suite of solutions spanning retail and supply chain planning and execution, coupled with our deep expertise in many industries and regions, puts us in a perfect position to deliver real business value and results to leading companies around the world." Dail also serves as JDA's Chairman of the Board.

In his time with JDA Software, Dail has led several new pushes. He recently formed the new business unit, JDA Global Industries and Solutions, responsible for developing the company's solution suite vision, product portfolio strategies, and support and cloud operations. In addition, he established JDA's Innovation Lab to focus on building "transformational technology strategies." Finally, Enrique Rodriguez was named Chief Sales Officer.

Baljit Dail, CEO, JDA Software Group

La Vita Loftware

Loftware, Inc. (Portsmouth, NH) has added Vita Cassese to its Board of Directors. A thirty-year veteran of Pfizer Worldwide Pharmaceuticals, Cassese served as VP of Business Development, Strategy, and Innovation, as well as CIO. She currently consults with several technology and healthcare companies. Familiar to readers of RRN.Com, Loftware provides enterprise labeling solutions with more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries.

"Vita's unique combination of experience across manufacturing, life sciences, and technology will provide a valuable perspective to our company," commented Robert O'Connor, CEO/President of Loftware. "We look forward to benefiting from her insights and expertise, and know that her leadership will be instrumental in guiding Loftware as we continue to grow our business and extend our global and industry reach."

"I am excited to work with the Loftware team as the company continues their exceptional growth and innovation," shared Cassese. "Loftware has the experience, presence, and ability to deliver enterprise labeling solutions to companies across the globe which are dealing with increasingly complex labeling requirements and regulatory issues." Loftware Spectrum 2.5 was released last month with new features such as reusable objects, character level formatting, and web data services.

Vita Cassese, Board of Directors, Loftware

SATO Taps Sony

SATO has named Noriyasu Yamada as Chief Product Planning Officer (CPO), responsible for market analysis, product development, and mid- to long-term strategic planning. Yamada spent two dozen years with Sony Corporation, where he played a key role in product planning and branding for Sony's television group. Later, he handled marketing and product planning for Sony's video security products and video conferencing solutions.

"I am very pleased to have Noriyasu join the SATO team, and I am looking forward to seeing how he will help us shape the future," stated Kaz Matsuyama, CEO/President of SATO Holdings Corporation (Tokyo). "As CPO, he will take full ownership of the product commercialization process, and be in a unique position to drive change and directly impact the way that SATO approaches the market, helping us to reach our goal of becoming the leader in the Auto ID solutions industry worldwide." Contributed Yamada, "With its top market share in Japan, advanced technologies, and solid product line-up, SATO is well positioned to achieve further success on the global stage."

Noriyasu Yamada, Chief Product Planning Officer, SATO

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