Week of February 21, 2022
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

POSBANK USA (Plainview, NY) has shipped its APEXA-TL Series of POS. It carries Intel's 11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU, which boosts performance by 20% compared to the previous 7th Generation Kaby Lake CPU. In screen sizes of 15" and 15.6" with high-definition (1024x768), and 15.6" and 21.5" with full-high-definition (1920x1080), the APEXA-TL employs true-flat, multi-point projected-capacitive TFT touch technology. A cover on the back of the terminals provides ventilation (via fine, angled, ingression-resistant holes), providing access to multi-interface I/O's. As an option are three customer-facing displays in sizes of 9.7", 12.1", and 15." Suggests POSBANK USA: "The smart and slim design of APEXA-TL blends well with any size store."




Ingenico on the Go

A major development in payments, with Worldline spinning off its Terminals, Solutions & Services (TSS) Business Line, including Ingenico (with offices in Alpharetta, GA). A binding offer from investment funds managed by Apollo Global (New York, NY) totals approximately $2.6 billion U.S. for 100% of the shares of TSS (based on current valuation). Going forward, TSS will function as an independent company under the brand of Ingenico. It was acquired by Worldline (Paris) in October 2020.

"TSS is the leading hardware player in the payments infrastructure ecosystem with a strong Ingenico brand and leading market shares across all regions of operations," expressed Michele Raba, Apollo Partner. "We are excited about partnering with TSS's management team to continue growing TSS in hardware, software, and services areas where there is already strong momentum. We look forward to supporting TSS in the next phase of business transformation and becoming the ecosystem enabler in the new world of payments acceptance globally. Worldline will remain a key customer for TSS and an important partner in this strategic journey."

"This operation marks a key milestone to accelerate the current dynamic in our already well engaged business transformation journey," commented Matthieu Destot, Head of TSS Global Business Line. "[It will bring] a greater mix of software and cloud-based services, leveraging of our range of Android O/S-based platform (Axium), our Terminal-as-a-Service offering (TaaS), and our Payments Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS). Apollo's track record in investing in business transformation will allows us to create even more value to our Banks, Acquirers, ISVs, Value-Added Service Providers and FinTech customers and partners, for our new shareholder, Apollo, and for our talented teams."

Matthieu Destot, Head of Ingenico's Terminals, Solutions & Services (TSS) Business Line, Now Spun Off Worldline

Star Delivers Its 4th Generation

Star Micronics America (Somerset, NJ) has unwrapped the first model in the 4th generation of its thermal receipt printer TSP100 Series: the TSP1431VUE. As direct-thermal technology, the TSP1431VUE has print widths of 3"/80 mm and 2"/58 mm. It features print speed of 9.8"/250 mm per second at 203 dpi. In reduced footprint of 20%, it furnishes an internal power supply, "drop-in-and-print" paper loading, and guillotine auto-cutter.

In keeping with company practice, the TSP1431VUE emphasizes connectivity. A dual interface provides LAN+USB (USB-C and USB-A). Added AOA (Android Open Accessories) gives the TSP1431VUE full communication with, and powering of, devices with Android O/S. It's described by Star Micronics as "exceptionally easy plug-and-play."

In addition, the TSP1431VUE supports, for cloud applications, Star Micronics' CloudPRNT and Star Micronics Cloud Services. Also, it extends compatibility with StarPRNT and the new StarXpand Software Development Kit (SDK) for React Native, iOS, and Android. (With drivers for Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS, and CUPS.) As expected, the TSP1431VUE is fully backward compatible with previous generations of TSP100.

Star Micronics' TSP1431VUE Thermal Receipt Printer

Worth Your While

Bar & Restaurant Expo
Questex LLC
March 21-23
Las Vegas, NV

Shoptalk Commerce LLC
March 27-30
Las Vegas, NV

Modern Materials Handling
March 28-31
Atlanta, GA

Electronic Transactions Association
April 12-14
Las Vegas, NV

NRA Show
National Restaurant Association
May 21-24
Chicago, IL

NRF Supply Chain 360
National Retail Federation
June 20-21
Cleveland, OH

Retail Solutions Providers Association
July 24-26
Orlando, FL

September 19-21
Dallas, TX

November 15-18
Las Vegas, NV


An Industrious Brother

Brother Mobile Solutions (Westminster, CO) has launched its new Brother Pro Label Tool. An app for on-demand creation, editing, and printing of labels, it targets industrial applications such as datacom, electrical facilities, and infrastructure IT. Used with smartphones and tablets, it links to the cloud server at Brother Mobile Solutions.

Offered for free, the Brother Pro Label Tool has Android and iOS. A number of Wi-Fi-enabled printers by Brother Mobile Solutions are supported, including the PT Series (PT-E550W, PT-E800W, PT-P750W, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW). As benefits, it has an easy-to-use interface, print preview, serialize function, and connectivity with CSV Databases.

"Information IT and datacom professionals know that adaptability is key when it comes to keeping operations running smoothly," observed Craig Robinson, Director of Industrial Solutions at Brother Mobile Solutions. "The new Pro Label Tool app is designed to fit the dynamic, on-the-go needs of these professionals to make their jobs that much easier. No more lugging laptops to a job site or waiting on an updated label from the main office. The new app puts the power into your hands, allowing you to update existing labels, or create new labels wherever you are, with only a few taps of your fingers."

Brother Mobile Launches Pro Label Tool App

A Group In-Sync With SMB

A bundle from several well-known vendors in the channel targets entry-level POS and the SMB. Exclusively distributed by ScanSource (Greenville, SC), under one SKU, so-called "Sync" has as its center the 15" CYPRUS All-in-One by Pioneer Solution (City of Industry, CA). It adds the Model RPF10 thermal receipt printer by Seiko Instruments USA, Thermal Printer Division (Torrance, CA), and the Model VP 8300 card reader from ID TECH (Cypress, CA). Additional hardware includes cash drawers and barcode scanners from Pioneer Solution and ID TECH.

Also, the complete Sync solution comes loaded with proven retail software that is easy to use and has all the features needed by retailers in the SMB (e.g., CashFootprint from LotHill Solutions). Payment processing runs through Innovantage Payment Solutions (IPS), which is based in California. Inventory control is a feature of the POS software and requires Excel in order to operate. According to Michael Crouse, National Director of Retail Sales for Pioneer Solution, set-up of Sync takes less than 90 minutes.

As an approach to simplified "POS-in-a-Box," Sync attempts to fill the market for an ECR (Electronic Cash Register)--and perhaps, Clover and Square. Also, for the participating players, and their reseller partners, it may serve as the "feeder system" for more sophisticated, and more profitable, systems, proposed Crouse. He predicted more activity to follow in configuration and distribution of such bundles for POS.

A Package of "Sync" POS by Pioneer Solution, Seiko, and ID TECH

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Revel Shows Plenty of Voxie

A new partner for Revel Systems, in the form of Voxie. An integrated solution, offered as an opt-in to customers of Revel POS, and powered by Voxie, allows the sending of strategically timed, conversational, text messages for further engagement, repeat business, and reputation building. Also, with historical sales data, it helps retailers identify customer trends. (Both companies are located in Atlanta, GA.)

"The Voxie and Revel partnership extends the customer experience provided at the Revel POS with highly personalized post-purchase engagement from Voxie," enthused Bogdan Constantin, Founder and CEO of Voxie. "Our platform engages millions of customers each month and typically drives up to 10 times more revenue for retailers than other marketing channels. Many customers realize a 20-fold return on the cost of investment in Voxie within one month."

"We love the ability to connect right to our customers' phones and interact with them through text," reported Eva Browning, Director of Marketing at Westside Pizza (Boise, ID). "It has been neat to immediately contact customers after they make an order through Revel and help direct them to review us online or share their birthday with special gifts. We also like the ability to target our lapsed customers and re-engage them to order with us again." Other customers include UPS Store, Your Pie Pizza, Massage Heights, and Edible Arrangements.


Text Messaging by Voxie Added to Revel POS

Peak "Finds and Fixes"

Peak Technologies (Columbia, MD) has called upon B2M Solutions (Atlanta, GA and Abingdon U.K.) to enhance its managed services offering for retail, supply chain, and field workforce. Specifically, B2M's mobile intelligence platform, designated as Elemez, will be bundled with Peak's new offering, called Mobile Insights. It brings the following functionality: detection of unusual behaviors in mobile devices and apps; identification of underused and/or overused mobile devices, apps, and data plans; determination of the overall health of all devices or groups of devices; and spotting of potentially lost or stolen devices.

"Peak Technologies is a leading provider of managed services for enterprise mobility," remarked Gary Lee, Chief Revenue Officer at B2M Solutions. "We are pleased to support them in their growth plans which include leveraging Elemez's real-time intelligence on the health and usage of mobile devices and apps to provide proactive intelligence for their customers." A combined solution spans expanding functionalities of MDM (Mobile Device Management), EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), and UMM (Unified Mobility Management).

"Peak quickly recognized the increasing trend from our enterprise customers for better real-time intelligence on critical mobile devices and apps," declared Tim Wills, Chief Marketing Officer at Peak Technologies. "Leveraging the market-leading Elemez offering into our Peak Mobile Insights platform ensures Peak's managed services customers have a web-based portal to provide critical, real-time, actionable insights on device health and usage." In June 2021, Peak reverted to its original name of Peak Technologies (from Peak-Ryzex).

Peak Technologies Enlists B2M Solutions for Mobility Management

Code Corner

In entering the U.S. market, Merrco Payments (Toronto, ON, Canada) has released its REST API (Application Programming Interface). It offers access to Merrco Payment's PayHQ platform for VARs and ISVs in POS. An omnichannel, semi-integrated solution, based in the cloud and certified to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard), PayHQ handles transaction authorization, settlement, and funding across brick-and-mortar, mobile, and e-commerce. Founded in 2016, Merrco Payments addresses the market for cannabis and CBD. API was developed by its subsidiary, Payfirma. "We're eager to launch our extended PayHQ solution into the U.S.," enthused Fern Glowinsky, President and CEO at Merrco Payments. "It's a game-changer to offer solution providers access to a robust payments platform through a streamlined integration for both online and in-person purchases within our core vertical--and beyond."

Merrco Payments Enters U.S.


A Message From the Editor

As we enter another year--our 18th!--our mission remains constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID (and now Mobility). If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of new technologies, go-to-market strategies, business models, and consumer expectations. We look forward to continuing our mission, and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor


Aldelo Plays Bridge

Aldelo (Pleasanton, CA) has unveiled three new digital payment features for its payments platform, Masa+, as well as its Aldelo Express Restaurant POS. As the first, "QR Code Scan & Pay" provides customers with single-use QR Codes on their physical receipt upon placing their order. With scanning on their smartphones, customers may choose their preferred form of payment--credit card, gift card, or loyalty--in the Masa+ Secure Digital Wallet. No staff involvement is required.

As the second, "QR Code Fast Pay" delivers the QR Code to the customer's smartphone using the built-in cameras on iPads for Aldelo Express Restaurant POS. Once customers are logged into Masa+, they simply tap the "$" icon in the top right corner of the Masa+ screen to present the QR Code for payment. As another feature, the customer can select which credit card to make discoverable by designating it as "Usable at All Stores" in their Masa+ Secure Digital Wallet.

As the third, "In-App Manual Credit Card Entry" enables the Aldelo Express POS iPad to directly capture the payment from the customer's Masa+ Secure Digital Wallet. It functions by tapping "Manual Credit" in the settlement screen of Aldelo Express Restaurant POS. It also streamlines pick-up or to-go order processes, according to Aldelo. When the customer places such an order, Aldelo Express searches for Masa+ accounts associated with the customer's phone number, presenting restaurant staff with the customer's selected credit card.

In-App Manual Credit Card Entry for Aldelo

Cashing-In at the C-Store

Addressing the convenience-store segment, Gilbarco Veeder-Root (Greensboro, NC) has incorporated customer-facing cash handling into its Passport Express Lane Self-Checkout. As an optional feature with Passport Express Lane, it now deploys cash recycler hardware, specifically the Paypod E24, from Crane Payment Innovations (Malvern, PA). It supports Passport Express Lane Software Version 21 and higher.

A quarter or more, an estimated 28%, of all in-person transactions of the convenience-store environment are paid in cash, according to statistics cited by Gilbarco Veeder-Root. In addition, cash transactions are even more common with purchases under $25. An embedded subsystem, placed flush in the side of the counter, the CPI Paypod E24 accepts both coins and bills, with secure locking. As benefits, the two parties identify cash management, loss prevention, and hygiene.

"Many retailers expressed a desire to accept cash-through self-checkout," divulged Julia Collins, Product Manager at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. "We created Passport Express Lane specifically for convenience stores as a solution to deliver speed of service, address labor shortages, and maximize purchase efficiencies. We're happy to once again meet our customers' needs through our partnership with CPI, further reinforcing our mission to provide the best-in-class solutions." (FYI: Curtis Hallowell serves as Director of Business Development for Crane Payment Innovations, CPI.)

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Specifies Paypod Cash Handling From Crane Payment Innovations for Its Passport Express Lane Self-Checkout for Convenience Stores


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Payment Logistics Opens the Window

Payment Logistics (La Jolla, CA) has enhanced payment operations (so-called "PayOps") for retailer and exterior remodeler, Window World. Based in North Wilkesboro, NC, Window World has 200 franchise locations in the U.S. In this case, Payment Logistics has integrated its mobile commerce platform, entitled PayLink, with the WW360 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) developed by Window World.

Associates of Window World can use payment devices with WAN in the field to retrieve invoices from WW360 and process in-person payments (with EMV). A digital invoice can be sent to customers, via e-mail or text message (SMS), in order to view their payment history and pay outstanding balances from their browser or mobile phone. Also, their payments can be made in the WW360. All payments are automatically posted to the WW360 for accounting and reconciliation in back-office.

"Window World understands how critical PayOps is to the long-term success of their franchise system," indicated Dustin Niglio, CEO of Payment Logistics. "Partnering with Window World allowed us to leverage our next-generation payment technology and deep payment expertise to help them design and implement a PayOps framework that reduces friction in commerce while driving operational efficiencies." As partners, Payment Logistics has for VARs, ISVs, and Merchant Sales Agents.

Window World Implements PayLink From Payment Logistics for Mobile Commerce

A Hole-in-One for 5G

An example of mobile POS on 5G has been displayed by ISV Beachy (Nashville, TN) at the Pinehurst Resort (Pinehurst, NC). It extends the use of tablets for food and beverage service (in hospitality lingo, F&B) across six of the nine world-class golf courses at famed Pinehurst, frequent site of the U.S. Open. As benefits, Pinehurst reports increased sales and tips, improved loss prevention, and acceptance of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay.

"Beachy's ability to connect directly to our existing POS and provide an easy-to-use cellular application for our beverage cart attendants is crucial," relayed Ed Nickelson, Director of IT at Pinehurst Resort. "Our team members would take Beachy into every inch of the property if they could. It has been the most successful implementation on our property in the last five years, if not the last 10."

"Our 5G-enabled POS tablets allow properties to expand their F&B sales beyond purchases from stationary terminals, and without the risk of encountering slow or dropped Wi-Fi connections," related Tim Hansen, SVP of Business Development at Beachy. "We are honored to empower Pinehurst with the technology that allows them to provide exceptional guest service and convenience everywhere on the property, while creating opportunities to maximize revenue and profits." As per its name, Beachy also addresses beach, pool, and outdoor event settings.

Pinehurst Resort Deploys 5G Mobile POS From Beachy

Channel Factoid

Why Do Consumers Shop in Stores?

50%: Touch and Feel Products

47%: Choose My Own Products

43%: Can Get Products Right Away

37%: The Store is Convenient

33%: Enjoy In-Store Experience

30%: No Cost for Shipping

24%: Able to Get Everything

23%: Can Get Better Deals

22%: Gets Me Out of the House

16%: Products Not On-Line

13%: See Store Associates

. . . And What Do They Use?

58%: In-Store Self-Checkout

56%: Restaurant Delivery

50%: Order Online/Pick-Up Store

47%: Mobile Contactless Payment

44%: Grocery Delivery

37%: Order Online/Pick-Up Curb

Source: "Consumers Want It All: Hybrid Shopping, Sustainability, and Purpose-Driven Brands" by Retail Insights, IBM, and the National Retail Federation.

Consumers Cite Unique Benefits From Brick-and-Mortar Shopping


Eldh the Elder at ScanSource

ScanSource, Inc. (Greenville, SC) has promoted John Eldh, former Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), to the role of President. He reports to Chairman and CEO Mike Baur, who served as President of ScanSource, Inc. since its founding in 1992. Joining ScanSource, Inc. in October 2019 as CRO, Eldh previously served as SVP, Global Partner Organization at CA Technologies. Earlier, he served as VP, North American Channel and Inside Sales for Symantec and Group VP/Region VP for Gartner.

"John has shown the leadership and vision to propel our business into the future," commented Baur. "John's ScanSource experience plus his channel background will enable him to drive the next phase of profitable growth for ScanSource." As its path going forward, ScanSource has cited "hybrid distribution," whereby hardware sales are combined with software and services, generating recurring revenue.

"I am thrilled where ScanSource is heading and how our hybrid distribution strategy enables suppliers and sales partners to win and grow their businesses," contributed Eldh. "I look forward to championing our hybrid distribution growth strategy with all stakeholders." In its latest earnings call for Q2 2022, ScanSource reported net sales of $864.3 million, up 7% from Q2 2021.

John Eldh, President, ScanSource, Inc.

Here's Henry

Payroc Holdings (Tinley Park, IL) has appointed industry veteran Henry Helgeson to its Board of Managers. In 1998, Helgeson founded, and led as CEO, the credit card software and hardware supplier, Merchant Warehouse, which was subsequently renamed Cayan. In 2018, Cayan, and its Genius Platform, was sold to TSYS (now Global Payments).

"We are very excited to welcome Henry to the Payroc Board," shared Jim Oberman, CEO of Payroc. "Henry is a pioneer in the FinTech payments and technology sectors with expertise that will be invaluable to Payroc. He has a deep understanding of the application of technology to create the most innovative solutions in payments and has a broadly respected reputation for building cutting-edge approaches that best serve merchants."

"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to join the Board of Managers at Payroc," stated Helgeson. "I appreciate the Board's confidence in me and could not be more excited to collaborate with the team in guiding Payroc's continued success." A wholly owned subsidiary, Payroc WorldAccess, processes more than $40 billion in annual charge volume.

Henry Helgeson Joins Payroc's Board of Managers

[Editor's Note: In January, Payroc announced its acquisition of merchant service provider, East Commerce Solutions (East Providence, RI). With $2 billion in annual processing volume, ECS' client base extends throughout the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.]

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