Week of August 15, 2022
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

HiStone (Qingdao, China) has presented its ERA HK960 All-in-One POS. A winner of the Red Dot Design Award for 2022, the ERA HK960 has dual-hinge, ultra-thin bezel, "starry style metal" configuration. With 15.6" capacitive touchscreen (resolution, 1920x1080; aspect ratio, 16:9; TFT LCD/LED), the ERA HK960 weighs 17.7 lbs. and stands 8" (H). It runs Windows 10/Linux with 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake UP3 CPU (2.2 GHz to 3.9 GHz), DDR 4/16 GB, and SSD 64/256 GB. A full suite of ports includes dual LAN. Optional peripherals support customization. (FYI: In the U.S., HiStone distributes through CRS Inc. (Saint Paul, MN).

HiStone ERA HK960 POS


A Goliath of Global/EVO

A major consolidation has taken place in payment processing, with Global Payments finally buying EVO Payments. An all-cash transaction will pay $34 per share, or the total of $4 Billion. Upon acceptance by stockholders of EVO, regulatory approvals, and other customary closing conditions, this transaction is expected to close no later than Q1 2023. Also, it was announced that private equity firm Silver Lake (Menlo Park, CA) will invest $1.5 Billion in Global Payments.

As benefits of merging, Global Payments cited further penetration into the critical area of integrated solutions as well as increased capacity for business-to-business (B2B). In addition to greater scale of operations, overall, it also expands the footprint of Global Payments into new geographies such as Poland, Germany, Chile, and Greece. It will also add leading accounts receivable (AR) automation software capabilities and proprietary links to widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP).

"Acquisition of EVO is highly complementary to our technology-enabled strategy and provides meaningful opportunities to increase scale in our business globally," commented Cameron Bready, President and COO for Global Payments. "Together with EVO, we are positioned to deliver an unparalleled suite of distinctive software and payment solutions to our combined 4.5 million merchant locations and more than 1,500 financial institutions worldwide." (With combined revenue of $9.8 Billion, both companies are headquartered in Atlanta, GA.)

Global Payments Buys EVO Payments for $4 Billion

Toshiba a' la Frisco

A new "innovation and incubation hub", focused on research and development, will serve Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions in Frisco (outside Dallas), TX. At Hall Park, at 3201 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600, the sixth-floor, 14,000-square-foot space features 15 offices, four conference rooms, and 50 workstations. Initially, it will bring 50 new jobs to the area in 2022, with plans to triple that number by 2024.

"As a recognized leader in digital transformation in the retail industry, we are focused on providing scalable, customer-centric solutions that deliver optimized experiences to meet customers when, where, and how they shop," declared Rance Poehler, President and CEO of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. "While many tech companies are cutting back, we are investing significantly and expanding to meet new demand created by our commerce platform recognized for accelerating digital transformation to deliver an exceptional retail experience." In January, Toshiba rolled out the latest version of its unified commerce platform, dubbed ELERA (taken from the middle of the word "Accelerate.")

"We are nurturing the incubation of ideas to innovate and advance our industry-recognized retail solutions," added Mike Yeung, EVP and CTO of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. "Part of our strategy includes engaging emerging startups in the region to expand our ecosystem. Our investments in IoT, data analytics, and computer vision enable retailers to provide a consistent, compelling experience for consumers, whether they shop in-store, at curbside, on their mobile device, or at home." With several development facilities worldwide, headquarters of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions are located in Durham, NC.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Opens Innovation and Incubation Hub in Dallas Area. (Photo Courtesy of Robert Tsai Photography)



Worth Your While

Western States Acquirers Association
September 7-8
Huntington Beach, CA

September 12-14
Orlando, FL

September 19-21
Dallas, TX

Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing
October 1-4
Las Vegas

Channel Connect
October 2-5
Nashville, TN

November 15-18
Las Vegas, NV


A Sneak Peek at Epson

Epson America (Los Alamitos, CA) has previewed its next generation of mobile thermal receipt printers, successors to the previous series, and designated Mobilink TM-P20II, TM-P80II, and TM-P80II Plus. A new modern enclosure is featured, with significant enhancement to ruggedness (an IP-54 rating, and drop resistance from 4 to 6.9 ft.) Also, connectivity has been extended via enhanced Bluetooth and Wireless.

In dimensions of 3.1" (W) x 4.7" (D) x 1.8" (H), the 2" TM-P20II weighs 0.5 lbs. In dimensions of 4.1" (W) x 5.4" (D) x 2.2" (H), the 3" TM-P80II weighs 0.8 lbs. In dimensions of 4.1" (W) x 6.0" (D) x 2.6" (H), the 3" TM-P80II Plus weighs 1.3 lbs. All furnish maximum print speed of 4"/100 mm per second. (TM-P80II Plus has auto-cutter and premium battery.)

"And together, these improvements can deliver better operational agility by untethering the operator from the POS terminal, even taking them beyond the four walls if necessary," observed John Choi, Product Manager II for Epson America. "Moreover, we're very happy to finally bring Mobilink in a sleek modern styling that the market has been asking for." Epson will formally introduce the three new printers in Q4.

Epson Shows New Mobilink Mobile Receipt Printers

A Moveable Feast With EasyTab

A new feature, EasyTab, has been launched by restaurant commerce platform, GoTab (Arlington, VA). As its name suggests, it delivers seamless transfer of open tabs from the bar to the tableside, as well as contactless mobile order management for the customer. It extends the functions of GoTab's All-in-One POS and Kitchen Display System (KDS).

In order to keep the tab open, the server, or guest, swipes or dips the card provided for payment, and enters the guest's mobile number. A link to the open tab is provided via text, and the guest accesses the tab on their device. Now they can order, re-order, and pay throughout their visit from anywhere in the venue. Since their payment method is automatically applied to their open tab, they also may split or settle their checkout, bypassing their server.

"Operators are struggling with the double-edged sword of an influx of guests that are eager to return to in-venue dining and entertainment, while having to operate with less staff," indicated Tim McLaughlin, CEO and Co-Founder of GoTab. "At the same time, they can be reluctant to introduce mobile order and pay due to the resistance of guest and staff to learning new operating models. With EasyTab, we effectively solve this problem. The result is an elegant transition from traditional ordering through a server, to mobile ordering and payment, and back again, depending on the guest's individual preference."

GoTab Debuts EasyTab for Bar to Table

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Datacap Pays It Forward

A major boost for the Scholarship Program at the Retail Solutions Providers Association, thanks to payments technology provider, Datacap Systems (Chalfont, PA). Its donation: $50,000. Under the RSPA Scholarship Program, the children and grandchildren of RSPA reseller member's employees are eligible for merit-based scholarships to ease the cost associated with post-secondary education. Since its inception, the RSPA Scholarship Program has awarded nearly $3 Million.

"Datacap Systems' long-term success is directly due to aligning our business interests with retail systems resellers," expressed Terry Zeigler, President and CEO of Datacap Systems. "RSPA provides an opportunity for Datacap to drive channel sustainability by assisting small business owners in transitioning their businesses to the next generation through applicable small business management and POS systems technology training. While building this endowment into the future, we hope that other companies that have benefited through the channel will also contribute to the RSPA Scholarship Program to drive channel sustainability."

"Our community is grateful for the leadership shown by Datacap to help today's students become the next generation of reseller leaders," remarked Jim Roddy, President and CEO of the RSPA (Charlotte, NC). "The announcement of the Datacap Scholarship is already inspiring others to support this great cause, and I'm sure that momentum will continue." Datacap's donation is one of the largest in the decades-long history of the RSPA Scholarship Program.

Datacap Donates $50,000 for RSPA Scholarship

TSC Gets Clipped

TSC Printronix Auto ID (Brea, CA) has called upon ProClip USA (Madison, WI) to provide customized mounts for two of its new mobile thermal label printers: the 3" Alpha-30L and 4" Alpha-40L. In support of environments in warehousing, delivery, and field service, ProClip has designed several printer mounting kits with high-grade black plastic construction, and needed plates and expanders. A longtime leader in mounts, ProClip supports major vendors in Auto ID, Mobility, and POS.

"We are excited to work together with ProClip to provide innovative functionality for warehouses and delivery drivers," enthused David Lundeen, VP of Marketing at TSC Printronix Auto ID. "ProClip's custom mounts for our mobile printers expand capabilities for shipping and receiving, cross docking, and other critical applications. Our offering includes vehicle mounts that work with our mobile printer battery eliminators and fanfold media, and allow users to easily snap our battery-operated printers in and out of the mount to be carried by the operator as needed."

"Our recent collaboration with TSC Printronix Auto ID has resulted in several innovative solutions for their mobile printers," added Jason Bridwell, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ProClip. "These precision-machined mount kits have numerous features that expand use case flexibility across the enterprise. We are confident that these solutions will improve productivity for the mobile worker by keeping the Alpha Series printers securely mounted, powered, and conveniently close to the point of work--whether that be mobile cart, vehicle dashboard, forklift, wall, or another workstation."

ProClip Supplies Mount Kits for TSC Label Printers

Code Corner

Aldelo L.P. (Pleasanton, CA), developer of Aldelo Express POS, has released its enhanced digital online ordering and payments platform, Aldelo Masa+ V2. It offers merchants an improved online storefront to market the business more effectively digitally and an overall improved user experience with consistent color schemes, styles, and workflows. Its updated User Interface (UI) results in faster order entry and checkout experiences including quick access to fast-pay digital wallet services. "Restaurants tend to add digital online services organically, and over time end up maintaining multiple online ordering and menu management solutions," explained Jeff Moore, VP of Operations at Aldelo. "By utilizing the native digital online ordering and menu available with Aldelo Express, everything is seamless and automated with consolidated cloud back-office reporting." In conjunction with Aldelo Express POS, Aldelo Masa+ V2 is available at zero additional cost to restaurant users of Aldelo Pay or Aldelo Partner Merchant Services.

Aldelo Releases Masa+ V2



iCG Sees ISVs

Another player in payment processing, iCheckGateway (Ft. Meyers, FL), has emphasized its interest in ISVs. Established in 2008, iCG fulfills, in particular, the recurring customer billing involved in verticals such as energy/utility, banks, insurance, advertising, and healthcare. In working with the developer community, iCG offers both customization (or integration (with "code") and secure gateway services (or "hosted").

As expected, an approach via Application Programming Interface (API) addresses ISVs. In addition, in conversation with RRN, Jason Estes, iCG's CEO and Founder, identified expertise in Automated Clearing House (ACH). A number of benefits are cited for focus on ACH: reduced cost, easy reporting, simplified chargebacks, and elimination of scope for PCI.

As part of its growth plans, iCG has also engaged Keia Nouse as its Chief Revenue Officer. A career highlight of his includes Transfast, an international cross border payment solution, which produced over $150 Million in annual revenues and was sold to Mastercard. Additionally, he successfully participated in the acquisition of Driveoff by Microsoft. "His extensive background, aptitude for revenue strategy, and heart for his team will yield tremendous value for our clients, our employees, and our business," projected Jason Estes.

At iCheckGateway: Jason Estes, CEO and Founder (At Left) and Keia Nouse, Chief Revenue Officer (At Right)

Pass the Dutchie

A technology platform for cannabis commerce, aptly called Dutchie (Re: "Pass the Dutchie 'pon the Left-Hand Side"), has added payment functionality via Dutchie Pay. A closed-loop Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution, Dutchie Pay allows consumers to purchase their choice of cannabis products online while fulfilling compliance regulations. It integrates with the e-commerce and POS by Dutchie (Bend, OR).

"Cash creates too many safety risks and is inefficient. Our industry cannot meet its full potential without modern payment solutions available at scale," expounded Zach Lipson, Dutchie's Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder. "Dutchie exists to create safe and easy access to cannabis. Dutchie Pay advances our mission by integrating a simple and secure product that makes cannabis purchases safer, easier, and more accessible for dispensaries and consumers alike."

"Our customers increasingly want to buy cannabis products without cash and without paying ATM or other fees. Dutchie Pay has improved their overall shopping experience while resulting in higher basket sizes and customer loyalty," reported Joshua Kahn, Owner at Takoma Wellness Center (Washington, DC). "With Dutchie Pay, I have an integrated, one-stop, one-click solution." (FYI: At present, 90% of all dispensary transactions are handled in cash, according to Dutchie.)

A Platform for Cannabis Sales Adds Dutchie Pay

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Revel: "Pizza, Pizza"

Revel Systems (Atlanta, GA) has been chosen to supply its Revel Enterprise POS for the Pizza Ranch. With more than 225 franchised locations in 15 states, based in Orange City, IA, Pizza Ranch is the largest pizza chain sited in the Midwestern U.S. "We are extremely excited that a large, growing chain like Pizza Ranch chose Revel Enterprise, as it demonstrates we are delivering solutions that meet the needs of prominent national brands," proclaimed Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy Officer at Revel Systems.

As part of this deployment, Pizza Ranch will employ Revel Delivery XT, eliminating the need for third-party systems for this function while furnishing analytics and reporting. In addition, customer orders are routed to an integrated Revel Kitchen Display System (KDS). Also, Pizza Ranch has elected to fulfill payment processing via Revel Advantage.

"Pizza Ranch offers our customers several different ways to enjoy our food both on and off premises, and Revel Enterprise provides the capability necessary to better manage those channels to drive growth," relayed Jon Moss, SVP and Chief Brand Officer for Pizza Ranch. "Additionally, by moving from our legacy POS to a cloud solution like Revel Enterprise we also dramatically lowered our total cost of ownership while at the same time gaining flexibility for the future." In his remarks, Moss also cited Revel's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integration of third-party solutions in loyalty, gift cards, etc.

Midwestern Chain Pizza Ranch Chooses Revel Enterprise POS

Paytronix Goes Native

A vegan fast-casual brand with nine locations in Chicago, Colorado, and Southern California, Native Foods has deployed its new mobile app and rewards program powered by Paytronix (Newton, MA). It allows guests to place orders for take-out and delivery with the same menu-item pricing as dine-in pricing. Members of Native Foodie Rewards can use the app to earn and redeem rewards, receive gifts and special offers, and be informed about new menu items and limited-time orders.

"Native Foods is a great example of what we see happening across the industry," reflected Andrew Robbins, CEO of Paytronix. "With a third of food orders coming in digitally, brands must create engaging, branded, digital experiences that keep customers coming back. What's more, both the digital and physical experiences connect brands to the loyalty programs that drive results. Loyalty programs consistently boost visits with spend between 18% and 30%."

Existing loyalty members can transfer points to the new program, and more than 19,000 members have already engaged with the system in the initial weeks of the launch. New members receive a bonus of $10, redeemable after they spend their first $15. "[Also] we now have the ability to communicate with our guests on one platform instead of the multiple sites required before," noted Carin Stutz, CEO of Native Foods.

A Dynamic Mobile App and Rewards Program at Native Foods

[Editor's Note: Paytronix also has partnered with enterprise software provider PDI (Atlanta, GA) to address "all digital channels"--such as order-ahead, third-party marketplaces, and delivery--specifically for the convenience store/petroleum segment.]

Channel Factoid

% of SMBs Using Different
Types of Software

-Accounting/ERP: 75%

-Payments-In (POS, E-Commerce): 49%

-Payments-Out (Payroll, Expenses): 38%

-Design: 15%

-E-Mail Marketing: 15%

-Document Mgmt.: 13%

-CRM: 12%

-Project Mgmt.: 9%

-Business Intelligence: 7%

-Industry Specific: 7%

Source: State of Small Business Software Survey, Conducted by Codat (New York, NY).

3 out of 5 SMBs See Integration as Purchase Driver of Software


GS1 US (Ewing, NJ) has published a new resource to help brands and retailers leverage GS1 Electronic Product Code (EPC)-based RFID technology to support claim compliance, increase inventory accuracy, and improve supply chain visibility. The document, "GS1 US Claims Compliance Implementation Guideline for the Apparel Industry," offers best practices for avoiding and detecting carton pack and carton shipment inaccuracies. It also highlights use cases for specific processes, such as packing, inspecting, or receiving that can be automated using RFID.

GS1 US Extends Use of RFID



Sgt. Jones

At apg (Minneapolis, MN), Anthony Jones has joined as Senior Sales Manager of Partner Sales and smarttill. Previous to the cash drawer and cash management solution supplier, Jones served as Senior Account Executive at grocery software developer, Invafresh. His resume also includes time as Strategic Account Executive for NCR, Sales Engineer at Ingenico, and Sales Engineer at Heartland Payment Systems.

"We are delighted to have Anthony join our team," expressed Stephen Bergeron, VP of Sales and Marketing for North America at apg. "Anthony brings a wealth of experience in the convenience and grocery verticals, where he has served in both engineering and sales roles. His understanding of complex systems integration will be beneficial in helping us commercialize our innovative smarttill Cash Management Solutions." A former Staff Sergeant in the U.S Army, he is based in Texas. (FYI: APG Cash Drawer rebranded as apg in December 2021.)

Anthony Jones, Senior Sales Manager of Partner Sales and smarttill Cash Management Solutions, apg

A People Person

ScanSource (Greenville, SC) has named Alex Conde as its Chief People Officer. In this role, he will lead the new People & Culture Department (formerly Human Resources). He previously served as President of ScanSource Brazil, having joined ScanSource in 2011 through its acquisition of POS and Auto ID distributor, CDC Brasil.

"Our goal is to be the most attractive employer in the industry--one that retains and attracts exceptional employees," stated Mike Baur, Chairman and CEO, ScanSource, Inc. "ScanSource has been named one of the best places to work in South Carolina for seven consecutive years. We are doubling down on that by implementing a 'Productivity Anywhere' approach to work, in addition to enhancing our focus on the professional and personal development of our people."

"Our People & Culture team will be putting new tools and processes in place to ensure we are better able to anticipate our employees' needs and proactively support them throughout their journey at ScanSource," continued Baur. "The future of work is now, and we are so happy to have Alex leading our incredible People & Culture team." In addition, Paulo Roberto, former VP of Operations, has been promoted to President of ScanSource Brazil.

Alex Conde, Chief People Officer, ScanSource

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