Week of November 26, 2018
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Star Micronics America (Somerset, NJ) has weighed in with its mG-Scales. A trio of models includes mG-S322 (0.01 g readability and 320 g capacity), mG-S1501 (0.1 g readability and 1500 g capacity), and mG-S8200 (1.0 g readability and 8200 g capacity). All furnish certification to the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP), common I/O's (Serial, USB, Bluetooth LE), and support for iOS, Windows, and Android O/S. A shipping box delivers the scale, water- and dust-proof cover, power cable, and cabling for USB. "Certain retail niches need scales that measure the smallest quantities, down to the one-hundredth or one-thousandth of a gram, so they can comply with regulations and keep tight control on inventory," emphasized Christophe Naasz, Director of Business Development at Star Micronics America. "The mG-Scales are the best solution." Cited as markets: pharmacy, cannabis, jewelry, and grocery.

Star Micronics' mG-Scales


Paya Raises Its Roof

A new blueprint for payments has been drafted by Paya (Reston, VA). "I look at it this way," says Greg Cohen, President, in describing this effort, dubbed Paya Connect, "the way you built your house five years ago is different than the way you'd build your house today." In concert, by offering building blocks of functionality, Paya Connect "makes it easier than ever for our partners to create customized commerce and payments experiences that meet specific solution requirements," Cohen told RRN.Com. "They can pick and choose whatever capabilities and services they want from us." He emphasized access to "an evolving platform, with growing features and capacity, and not merely gateway," for Paya Connect, and encouraged participation of VARs and ISVs.

As the four basic elements of Paya Connect: Acceptance, Transact, Enablement, and Simplicity. Atop core technology of Paya, which spun off Sage Software in 2017, it spans the range of payment vehicles: credit and debit cards, automated clearing house (ACH), electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and flexible spending account (FSA). A number of benefits are promoted for Paya Connect, including recurring payment scheduling, cloud integration at the POS, more rapid invoicing, secure vaulting, and data enrichment to support processing at Level 2 and Level 3 for business-to-business (B2B).

As expected, for participants, Paya Connect includes economic opportunities such as marketing support, commissions, and revenue sharing and resources such as code libraries, web portal, and application programming interfaces (API). It requires no certification or investment by partners ("other than their own time and effort"). While addressing retail and hospitality, Paya (pronounced "Pie-ya") has considerable success in payments processing for so-called "business services," such as manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, specialty healthcare, and education/non-profit, according to Cohen. With approximately 2,000 partners, it processes $27 billion per year.

Greg Cohen, President, Paya

Of Azure Skies at NiceLabel

A "public" cloud-based label management system has been launched by NiceLabel (Wauwatosa, WI). Offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), it allows users to centrally manage label design, product data, and quality control, while enabling branches, suppliers, and partners to print their own labels locally. It's built on Microsoft Azure, with application programming interfaces (API) for on-premise business systems in enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and warehouse management systems (WMS).

"The labeling software market hasn't changed much in the last decade, but with the launch of Label Cloud, we're transforming the industry, moving it forward significantly," proclaimed Ken Moir, VP of Marketing for NiceLabel. "We're providing a way to simplify the process, an easy way to scale up, and to bring maximum benefit to businesses of all sizes." As part of this debut, the company also enhanced its core NiceLabel Management System.

"Label Cloud empowers all users to design and deploy labels," continued Moir. "Ultimately, this means the process is smoother and quicker, which leads to improved agility and faster time to market. In addition, Label Cloud's document management system streamlines, automates, and improves the quality assurance process, removing human error and risk, and improving its overall accuracy." A return on investment (ROI) of less than six months was cited by NiceLabel.

NiceLabel Offers Its Public Cloud

Worth Your While

NRF's Big Show
National Retail Federation
January 13-15
New York, NY

Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)
February 3-6
Fort Myers, FL

NGA Show
National Grocers Association
February 24-27
San Diego, CA

Material Handling Institute (MHI)
April 8-11
Chicago, IL

ETA Transact
Electronic Transactions Association
April 30-May 2
Las Vegas, NV

NRA Show
National Restaurant Association
May 18-21
Chicago, IL

Pack Expo
Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)
September 23-25
Las Vegas, NV




A Winning Combo at Brother

Brother Mobile Solutions (Westminster, CO) has unveiled its new mobile thermal receipt and label printer with the "winning combination" of dual Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and listed as RuggedJet 4250WBL (RJ4250WBL). In dimensions of 6 in. (W) x 6.3 in. (H) x 2.7 in. (D), weighing 1.9 lbs., the 4" RuggedJet 4250WBL has maximum print speed of 5 in./127 mm per second at 203 dpi. Overall, as connectivity, it offers Bluetooth 4.2 (Classic/LE/MFi), 802.11 Wi-Fi, NFC, USB 2.0, Serial RS-232, and iOS and Android Software Development Kits (SDK).

As features, the RuggedJet 4250WBL furnishes up-and-down tear bars, top-and-side access cover release for accessibility in tight spaces, locking roll holders for accurate repeatable print margins, an active docking station, four-button operation, and visible LCD. With standard 256-MB RAM and 64-MB ROM, the RuggedJet 4250WBL has ZPL/CPCL Emulations and 14 Bitmap and 4 Outline Fonts. A cloud-based Mobile Deploy App is included at no cost with the Brother RJ4200 Series.

As durability, with reinforced parts and rubber housing, RuggedJet 4250WBL carries an IP-54 rating for moisture and dust and 6.8-ft./2-m drop protection. A rechargeable 3000-mAh Li-Ion battery doubles capacity in half the size, according to Brother Mobile Solutions, with indicator of real-time battery life status. "A true game changer," commented Raul Palacios, Senior Product Manager at Brother Mobile Solutions, of the RuggedJet 4250WBL, "whether inside or outside the four walls." A two-year Premier Limited Warranty from Brother.

Model RuggedJet 4250WBL Thermal Printer by Brother

Fujitsu Flies the FP-2000

Fujitsu Components America (San Jose, CA) has unwrapped its new thermal printer for POS, designated the FP-2000 Series. Smaller than the company's previous models, at 5 in. (W) x 6.8 in. (D) x 4.9 in. (H), weighing 2.2 lbs., the FP-2000 Series consists of three versions: flagship ultra-high-speed FP-2200 (15.7 in./400 mm per second); mid-range FP-2100 (11.8 in./300 mm per second); and entry-level FP-2000 (9 in./230 mm per second). It carries the ability to reprint, a black mark sensor, an anti-curl paper function, and dual print mode (180- or 203-dpi).

A range of paper thicknesses are accepted by the FP-2000 Series, 53 microns to 85 microns. Using paper stock of 53 microns can reduce consumption by as much as 30%, noted Fujitsu Components America. In addition, the printer's low 0.9-W power consumption (in standby mode) further reduces operating costs, it stressed. A throughput of two seconds from pushing "enter" to the end of one printed receipt (at length of 9.8 in./250 mm) is estimated for the ultra-high-speed Model FP-2200.

A choice of communications packages is offered: USB+RS-232, USB+LAN, USB+Bluetooth, USB+Powered USB, and USB+RS-232+LAN. It supports Windows and Linux, and through software development kits (SDK), iOS and Android. In the case of graphics, its 16-level greyscale printing, achieved via proprietary algorithm, determines suitable pixel densities. In addition, it enhances offers and logos on receipts, photos on boarding passes and temporary entry badges, and coupons for gaming, according to Fujitsu Components America.

New FP-2000 Series From Fujitsu Components America

Unitech Casts the TB85

Unitech America (Cypress, CA) has presented its new rugged tablet with the Android 8 O/S (and Google Mobile Services/GMS), entitled Model TB85. As performance, the TB85 has Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU at 2.2 GHz, 4-GB RAM, and 32-GB ROM. It employs spring-loaded "pogo pins" (in all, 14) for peripherals and customization. In dimensions of 9.5 in. (L) x 5.9 in. (W) x 0.7 in. (D), and weight of 1.3 lbs., the TB85 has 8" color capacitive touchscreen (1280x800) with Gorilla Glass 3.

Additional features include five-megapixel front and thirteen-megapixel rear cameras, rechargeable 8200-mAh Li-Ion battery, and eight function keys (two programmable). As communications, TB85 has Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11 Wi-Fi, NFC, and LTE. In terms of ruggedness, the TB85 carries an IP-67 rating for moisture and dust and 4-ft./1.2-m drop protection. A warranty of one year is extended by Unitech America.

"The TB85 is powerfully fast--it looks and feels like the latest Samsung or Apple tablet, but it's so much more," exclaimed Brian Silence, Director of Business Development for Unitech America. "It's on the most up-to-date O/S out there. I really love the modular design--you can attach different modules to suit your work requirements, like an RFID reader or scanner." As starting MSRP, there's $1,200.

Unitech's New TB85 Tablet, With Android 8 and GMS



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NCR Goes on Tear

Another purchase by NCR (Atlanta, GA), this time loss prevention entity StopLift Checkout Vision Systems (Cambridge, MA). It follows the recent additions of payment processor JetPay (Allentown, PA) and food and beverage data analytics company Zipscene (Cincinnati, OH). Financial terms of this latest transaction were not disclosed by NCR, which continues to refocus and restructure under new CEO Michael Hayford.

Interestingly, StopLift has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) that visually determines what occurs during each transaction to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior at the checkout. Most notably, its technology detects scan avoidance schemes, and flags unscanned, unpaid merchandise at the checkout. Examples include passing items around the scanner, leaving unscanned items in the shopping cart, and covering up the barcode while scanning.

"We have been working with NCR since 2016 to integrate our patented technology with NCR's SmartAssist, which successfully detects shrink at the checkout counter with NCR's self-checkout solutions," reported Malay Kundu, Founder and CEO of StopLift. "As retailers are looking to embrace frictionless checkout, our combined technologies will bring the advantages of loss prevention management to NCR's global customer base in this critical time of retail transformation." To date, more than 3.1 million scan avoidance incidents, at both manned and self-checkouts, have reportedly been confirmed by StopLift Checkout.

NCR Buys StopLift Checkout Vision Systems

A TRAY Full of Inventory

A pair of relative newcomers in restaurant IT have forged ties: solution provider TRAY (Santa Monica, CA) and inventory management provider MarketMan (New York, New York). Integration combines item-level data from TRAY's POS with inventory and ordering details in cloud-based MarketMan. As solutions, TRAY offers countertop, handheld, and self-service POS, as well as kitchen display systems (KDS).

"Addition of new partners, like MarketMan, allows us to provide our clients the technology they need to increase revenue and improve operations," declared Peter Kellis, CEO of TRAY. Earlier this year, in September, TRAY added the customer relationship management (CRM) by FetchRev (Tempe, AZ). On its website, TRAY, which was founded in 2013, the same year as MarketMan, solicits VARs and ISVs.

"This partnership means that self-service restaurants and businesses now have more flexibility than ever before to use technology to advance both their front-of-house and back-of-house operations," suggested Matthew Hardoon, Director of Sales at MarketMan. "We are excited for our foray into the self-service market with TRAY." As elements of its platform, MarketMan includes invoice scanning, low inventory alerts, suggested orders, recipe costing, and robust reporting.

TRAY Self-Service System

Code Corner

Bixolon America (Gardena, CA) has released its next-generation of Google Chrome Software Development Kit (SDK). It enables developers to deliver applications across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X) with one code base (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS). A combination of JavaScript library file, sample code, and manual for Application Programming Interfaces (API) accelerates development time, enabling the company's receipt and label printers to work effectively via any Chrome OS Terminal or Chrome Browser. It supports printer connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. "Chrome-based applications using Chrome PC's, POS, or Kiosks are gaining popularity due to their speed, flexibility, and IT efficiency," stated John Kim, Marketing Director at Bixolon in South Korea. "Our next-generation Chrome SDK provides programmers with a simple way to develop fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective printing functions."

SRP-Q300 Thermal Printer by Bixolon


A Play Date for Paysafe and Paytm

A partnership between Paysafe (Montreal) and Paytm (Toronto) will extend consumer-facing mobile payments for Canadians. As payments provider, Paysafe will support the recently released mobile app by Paytm, which allows consumers to pay bills on their smartphones from more than 5,000 service providers (e.g., utilities, city taxes, etc.). As their reward, consumers can redeem so-called "Paytm Points" towards free or discounted e-gift cards from brands such as Uber, Boston Pizza, Skip the Dishes, Tim Hortons, ESSO, and Indigo.

"Providing customers with a seamless mobile payment experience is central to what we do," reflected Carla Erlick, SVP for ISV Channel, Payment Processing, North America at Paysafe. "We're pleased to be enabling more ways in which Paytm Canada's customers can pay with ease through their mobile application knowing their payment is secure. In offering our payment solutions to businesses like Paytm, we're able to help them in enhancing their customer experience in both new and existing markets."

"Paysafe's credibility and experience in providing secure and global payment solutions has always been a source of great confidence to us," shared Harinder Takhar, CEO of Paytm Canada. "Paysafe has worked with us as a true partner and their customer on-boarding and support services have made it a seamless process for us. Plus, with the amazing spike in popularity of our app in Canada, we are even more assured we have the right partner on our side." (FYI: On November 8, the Paytm App, developed in India, was listed as the number one finance app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Canada.)

Advancing Mobile Payments in Canada

Oracle: Gathering Clouds

It's Oracle Validated Integration for AppSuite's Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Addressing restaurants and hotels, this covers both Oracle Hospitality RES3700 5.5 and Oracle Hospitality Simphony 2.9. According to James Daleen, CEO of AppSuite LLC (Jacksonville, FL), "Our Cloud CRM provides a one-stop-shop for customers who want to leverage customer intelligence, mobile apps, one-to-one marketing, rewards, loyalty, gift, ordering, and delivery and driver management into a simple to use and fully integrated solution."

"Achieving Oracle Validated Integration gives our customers confidence that the link between AppSuite's Cloud CRM 2.0 and Oracle Hospitality RES3700 5.5 and Oracle Hospitality Simphony 2.9 is functionally sound and performs as tested," indicated David Hicks, VP of Worldwide ISV, OEM, and Java Business Development for Oracle (Redwood Shores, CA). "For solutions deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both, Oracle Validated Integration applies its rigorous technical review and test process that helps to reduce deployment risk and improves the user experience." As approved, AppSuite's Cloud CRM now appears in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Earlier, payment processor Shift4 Payments (Allentown, PA) added support for integrated EMV with OPERA, Oracle Hospitality's Property Management System (PMS). As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Shift4 Payments thereby extends its existing support for Oracle Hospitality's RES3700 5.5 and Oracle Hospitality's Simphony 2.9. "An ultimate EMV solution for hotels using OPERA," as described by Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 Payments, "everything they need to process payments--including the industry's top EMV."

Oracle's David Hicks, VP of Worldwide ISV, OEM, and Java Business Development (At Left) Discusses the Cloud with Oracle's Amit Chaudhry, Senior Director of Product Management


An Eyeful at QSR

QSR Automations (Louisville, KY) has rolled out its new restaurant monitoring app, called Vision. Available for iOS or Android, it consolidates operational data from the front of house (via QSR's DineTime) and kitchen (via QSR's ConnectSmart). In addition to real-time supervision, it furnishes drill-down analysis by site, customized dashboard, and warning of exceptions and potential problems.

"Restaurant operators struggle to get a complete picture of their operation, especially when they are not onsite," explained Lee Leet, Founder and CEO of QSR Automations. "Vision was designed for managers and other above-store personnel to have visibility into their operations from the palm of their hands. It helps operators monitor and quickly respond to situations as they happen. Our app gives them the flexibility to be away, act fast, and be in constant communication."

"Vision is a vital piece to our solutions," added Leet. "It is the only restaurant monitoring app to provide metrics from both the front of the house and back of the house. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We will continue to build more functionality and features within the app." Established in 1996, QSR Automations has installed its software and hardware in approximately 70,000 sites.

Restaurant Monitoring App by QSR Automations

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Thermal Printers
Seiko Instruments USA


Epson: "Check, Please"

Epson America (Long Branch, CA) has deployed its technology--in the form of thermal receipt printer Model OmniLink TM-T70II-DT and multifunction teller device Model TM-S2000--for CB&S Bank. With 50 branches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and 500 employees, CB&S was looking to eliminate various manual processes and reduce processing time to 30 seconds or less for all standard customer transactions. As its software provider, CB&S chose Atris Technology (Gainesville, FL), one of the leaders in financial services IT. Installation of 250 units was completed in 90 days, according to the three parties.

"We recognize the applicability of this solution in a variety of bank environments while remaining cognizant of budget restraints," elaborated Scott McElhiney, Sales Manager at Atris Technology. "A key aspect of the CB&S Bank project was to ensure any check scanning equipment meshed well with the bank's current technology infrastructure. Our decision to utilize multifunction teller equipment from Epson was primarily based on the compatibility with the thin-client environment, device reliability, and the significant technical support provided by Epson to ensure successful integration." In this case. the thin client was Citrix.

As banking functions, Epson's TM-S2000 offers teller capture, back counter, and remote deposit capture (RDC). It features fast check scanning (200 dpm), high-quality check images (180x180 dpi), 99.9% MICR accuracy, cashier check and endorsement printing, and two-sided scanning of ID's. As part of Epson's "intelligent" family, the 3" OmniLink TM-T70II-DT embeds the functionality of the PC. In compact dimensions of 6.8 in. (W) x 11.4 in. (D) x 4.5 in. (H), and weight of 6.6 lbs., OmniLink TM-T70II-DT has print speed of 9.8 in./250 mm per second at 203 dpi and multiple choices of I/O's.

Epson Facilitates Bank Branch Operations


A Table Turn by Ingenico and Posera

A bundled solution for pay-at-the-table by Posera (Seattle, WA) and Ingenico Group (Atlanta, GA) will be fielded for fast-growing Briad Restaurant Group (Livingston, NJ). Successfully piloted in the fall of 2017, it will be rolled out across sites of Friday's and Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar franchised by Briad. It employs the semi-integrated middleware SecureTablePay by Posera and the iWL252 wireless payment terminal by Ingenico Group. A longstanding channel player, Posera also offers its Maitre'D POS software.

"We wanted to implement EMV, but were waiting for the right pay-at-the-table solution," recounted Tom Cornell, Director of Information Systems for Briad. "Once we piloted SecureTablePay, we saw chargebacks drop immediately. Lowering our costs was good enough for us to decide to deploy the Posera/Ingenico solution; the positive feedback we got from customers was icing on the cake. Our servers like using it, too, as it allows them to spend more time at their customers' tables and less time going back and forth to their terminals."

"Adoption of pay-at-the-table solutions are about to completely change how restaurants interact with their diners, driving additional value for their guests and improving their overall efficiency, and by adopting the technology now, Briad cements itself as a forward-thinking leader in the industry," proposed Jennifer Miles, EVP of North America for Ingenico Group. "The consumer experience is becoming more about flexibility and freedom and that shift is going to require reliable, secure, connected solutions, like SecureTablePay, that enables guests to pay with their preferred method." According to Posera, its SecureTablePay helps increase table turns by an average of 15% (or nine minutes).

A Combination of Posera's SecureTablePay and Ingenico's iWL252 Payment Device for the Briad Restaurant Group

Channel Factoid

Holiday Gifts

-A majority of consumers, 77%, plan to spend the same or more on shopping for the holidays this year, including 43% of young adults ages 18-24 and 38% of those 25-34.

-Only 9% of consumers 65 and older are planning to spend more this year.

-Top gifts continue to be clothing and accessories (59%), followed by gift cards (56%), toys (41%), and books/music/movies (40%).

-Credit cards continue to be the most popular form of payment (42%), followed by debit cards (39%), cash (17%), and checks (2%).

-Emerging payment methods are gaining acceptance (to be used by 44%), including PayPal (35%), Apple Pay (8%), Samsung Pay (5%), Google Wallet (5%), and Venmo (4%).

-"This holiday season retailers will experience the growing purchasing power of Gen Z and Millennials," expounded Matthew Shay, President and CEO of the NRF.

Source: National Retail Federation, November 2018 (New York, NY)



A Pay Drone?

As delivery by drone emerges, one payment processor, Worldpay, has developed its proof-of-concept: "Drone Pay." It embeds credit card reader, with contactless EMV, into the drone's landing pad in order to accept payment and simultaneously confirm the identity of the package recipient, thereby reducing fraud. "Although we do not expect mass adoption within the next couple of years, major companies are already getting serious with drones," referenced Maria Prados, VP of Global Retail & eCommerce for Worldpay, based in the UK.




Ms. Smith Goes to Philadelphia

FreedomPay (Philadelphia, PA), provider of the PCI-Validated, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) "Commerce Platform," has enlisted Liesl Smith as its SVP of Marketing and Communications. She joins FreedomPay from Verifone, where she served as VP of European Marketing and Communications (2018). Previously, she served as Head of Global Payments Communications at Western Union (2015 to 2018), Head of Media Communications at the Federation of Small Businesses in the UK (2012 to 2015), and Editor at the BBC (2001 to 2012).

"We are truly excited that Liesl is joining our executive team. She brings over 20 years of experience in business marketing and communications and is hugely respected in the industry for her strong business sense and proven results," commented Tom Durovsik, Founder and CEO of FreedomPay. "Liesl will be a critical team player as FreedomPay continues to grow globally and dominate as the leading commerce platform technology available to businesses of all sizes."

"The payments space is probably the most exciting industry to be in right now," asserted Smith. "Technology is driving so much change and opportunity for businesses and the consumer--with FreedomPay at the cutting edge. I am thrilled and extremely proud to be part of such an innovative and winning team." In 2018, Smith was selected by PR Week as one of the most influential industry professionals in the UK.

Liesl Smith, SVP, Marketing and Communications, FreedomPay

Big Chief PCMS

A prominent provider of software and services for retail, PCMS (Cincinnati, OH), has hired Jon Stretton for the newly created position of Chief Commerce Officer. He brings experience as Managing Director-UK Retail for NCR (2016 to 2018), VP-EMEA Retail for NCR (2013 to 2016), Managing Director-Retail, Hospitality, and Transportation for Fujitsu (2009 to 2013), and Associate Sales Director for TCS (2006 to 2009). An emphasis on serving the grocery business in North America has been assigned to the new Chief Commerce Officer.

"PCMS is a leader in retail and hospitality, so I am hugely excited to join the business," relayed Stretton. "A mixture of a mature customer base, innovative software and services solutions, and the 'can do' attitude of PCMS people all make it a great place to work. I hope to help by bringing extra creativity to our partnership approach, while helping company processes to evolve with our rapid growth."

"Jon Stretton's appointment is a crucial step for us as we build on the momentum of an incredible three years of sales wins and technology breakthroughs," contributed Tony Houldsworth, CEO of PCMS in the UK. "A business is only as good as its people. By attracting high caliber individuals such as Jon, we are equipping ourselves and our customers to win in the years ahead." Customers of PCMS, and its so-called Vision Commerce Suite, include brands such as Walgreens, Bass Pro Shops, Giant Tiger, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Jon Stretton, Chief Commerce Officer, PCMS

He'll Charge Up GTS

A longtime supplier of industrial batteries for our channel, Global Technology Systems (Framingham, MA), has engaged John DelGiodice as its OEM Sales Manager. He brings experience as Director of Sales for Rose Electronics (2008 to 2018), VP of Sales for EAC Corporation (2003 to 2008), and District Manager for Avnet Electronics (2001 to 2003).

"As GTS looks to capitalize on our unique design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, John DelGiodice's wealth of knowledge, skills, and industry contacts in the OEM engineering market made him a perfect fit for this new and exciting role at GTS," remarked Larry Murray, CEO of GTS. In addition to batteries and related accessories for products from the major vendors of Auto ID, Mobility, and POS, GTS provides on-site managed services such as its recently launched Batteries-as-a-Service.

John DelGiodice, OEM Sales Manager, Global Technology Systems


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